3 Things You Must Know about Project STEM

Are you interested in Project STEM? No matter whether you are a teacher working on educational STEM projects, a parent who cares about your kids' comprehensive development, or just a curious person who is addicted to the mysteries of the world, check this blog and we will lead you to discover the endless possibilities of project STEM!

What is Project STEM?

STEM is the acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. In addition, sometimes you can see the word STEAM, a plus version of STEM, as there is an additional part of "art". Project STEM focuses on magical science phenomena, great ingenious technological inventions, building or engineering creations, and the basic learning of the miracle of math.

Project STEM is mainly for kids from kindergarten to kids around thirteen. But kids and adults can all be involved in and enjoy Project STEM regardless of age. Project STEM is for everyone who has an interest in the world's fantasy and is willing to realize a transformation from what they are thinking to what they are building and creating.

What are the benefits of Project STEM?

Whether it is Project STEM or Project STEAM, it is essential to kids' life development. Here are five reasons for you to carry project STEM with kids:

1. Project STEM helps kids learn with fun

It is hard for kids to concentrate, especially the time they need to learn. They may want to play with their friends, watch TV, or do anything even if it's just immersed in their own world as long as it's not learning things boring. That's why Project STEM is the best for them to learn and play at the same time. They will be fully involved in Project STEM to realize the goal they want. Project STEM not only teaches kids specific knowledge but also teaches kids how to learn everything well and use it in reality.

2. Project STEM discovers kids' passion

Kids go to school and learn things for good grades and bright futures. It's hard for them to figure out where their passion is. With Project STEM, kids can learn things totally different from their daily life or discover the small magic hiding in their daily life. That's how Project STEM helps kids to find their passion for life!

3. Project STEM helps kids' academic performance and comprehensive development

Though Project STEM is more like activities outside of the curriculum, it is related closely to what textbooks tell students. As Project STEM is the application of knowledge. Through the experience of Project STEM, kids have fuller understandings and deeper insights into the whole picture of knowledge. That's what we also call "absorbing knowledge". Project STEM lay the solid foundation for kids; academic performances and comprehensive development.

4. Project STEM leads to a wider career development path

Project STEM is like an early career class, which leads kids to many kinds of careers, like scientists, mathematicians, geographers, coders, teachers, engineers, and so on. Discovering their passion earlier, they can find their dream career and move toward it firmly and methodically. It's really valuable for them to decrease confusion when choosing careers.

5. Project STEM creates the best childhood memories for kids

Great project STEM likes a mind trip for kids! It's just like passing levels and fighting monsters. They have a goal, divide it into little parts to achieve step by step, and finally achieve it through times of preparation, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, mistakes, or even failures. Everything will become their most precious memories in the future. And it's even better for kids to have such great memories doing Project STEM with parents or teachers.

What Project STEM is Recommended?

There are so many STEN projects to do. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing one for your kids.

1. Safe

As adults, it's our responsibility to evaluate the safety of Project STEM for kids to do. As kids lack life experience and safety intuitiveness, it's never too careful for us to pick the safest Project STEN for them.

2. Fun

What is the difference between Project STEM and chores? It's creativity and unknown results! The Project STEM is always fun with so many possibilities for kids to discover. Just pick the fun ones for them!

3. Suitable

Different kids need different Project STEM. Especially for kids of different ages, the difficulty level they can handle is totally different. Thus, it matters to pick the suitable Project STEAM for them.

Some Project STEM Examples

1. Ice to degrease

The Ice to Degrease is an easy-level Project STEM, but very related to our daily life. Try it with your elder kids!
Step 1. Place ice in a metal spoon and let the bottom of the spoon cool.
Step 2. Put the spoon containing ice into the soup, keep the soup from covering the spoon, and let the spoon turn back and forth in the place with a lot of oil slick. There will be oil adsorbed to the bottom of the spoon.
Step 3. Use kitchen paper to wipe off the oil at the bottom of the spoon, and put ice on it to "find" the oil slick again. Once or twice the soup will clear up a lot.
Step 4. By comparison, it will be found that the spoon filled with ice cubes had more oil than the spoon without ice.
Science knowledge: metal has good thermal conductivity and fast cooling; oil solidifies when it cools
Tips: it's better for family lunch, not for the classroom; be careful that young child might be scalded by the high temperature or stain the clothes

2. Coding Robots

Coding robots are a perfect choice for kids to discover the fun of science, technology, engineering, and math at the same time.

Age above 3: mTiny

Smart Panda Robot for Preschoolers to Learn Coding, Music, Math, and Language.

mTiny is certified for educational quality by "Education Alliance Finland" and awarded the design award of "Reddot". It's featured as screen-free, and no connection to a PC or smartphone is needed. mTiny interacts with kids well. mTiny can laugh, cry or be angry reacting to kids' behaviors. Kids can control mTiny's movement while learning coding and math with coding maps and a tap pen. Kids will be 100% thrilled about it! mTiny also uses eco-friendly materials to ensure safety.

Age above 6: mBot Neo with Coding Boxes

Beginner-friendly Coding Robot Kit

mBot Neo can be voice-controlled to move, dance, and sing. It has "memories" for its microphone and scratch programming can record children's behaviors. Wwith the empowerment of coding boxes, students can get a better tutorials of using mBot Neo, and better understanding of coding learning. Teachers can use the wifi module to share the same programming simultaneously and simplify Project STEM. 

Age above 10: mBot Ranger

3-in-1 Robotics Kit for Building Robots from Scratch

mBot Ranger is a role-play robot that can change forms into three forms with different functions and personalities: Land Raider (a robot tank); Nervous Bird (a self-balancing robot); Dashing Raptor (a racing car). mBot Ranger also supports coding learning and outdoor activities!

3. Tower of Pasta

Project STEM

The tower of pasta has so many forms to discover! It exercises kids' abilities of building, problem-solving, leadership, and cooperation.
Prepare these materials and start!
Step 1: Long pasta(spaghetti, linguine, or fettuccine), marshmallows, rulers, and books.
Step 2: Link the pasta with marshmallows to build the most solid tower of pasta structure and test it with heavy books!


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