13 Birthday Party Ideas for Kids | Birthday Party Places Near Me

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Kids dream of their birthday party every single day of the year! To meet kids' expectations, parents always rack their brains to figure out what kids would like. Planning a surprise birthday party starting from zero takes a lot of effort and time. So we meticulously prepare an ultimate birthday party ideas collection for you. We will give you birthday party ideas from the following dimensions:
1. Birthday Party Ideas for Kids of Different Ages
2. Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids of Different Ages
3. Birthday Party Places Near Me
4. Birthday Party Tips for Parents

13 Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Aged 0-2

1. Draw Lots

Before the draw lots, you can arrange a few career-symbolic items for your kids. On the day of the baby's birthday, place the prepared items in a semi-circle shape on the ground, and put the baby in the circle center. Guide the baby to crawl forward to grab the symbolic items in front, which can be used to "guess" the baby's interests, hobbies, and possible future careers. Though it is not a scientific method, it's perfect as a birthday party idea for kids with great memories.

2. Handprint Clay

Kids grow fast at this age, so it is great to leave a "record" of kids' handprints with handprint clay at the birthday party. Buy a set of handprint clay and imprint your kids' handprints on the clay under the witness of your family and friends!

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Aged 3-5

Kids aged 3-5 have independent consciousness and will ask parents for gifts or toys. However, it is easy to observe their preference at this period. What's their favorite cartoon and character? Why not hold a theme birthday party for them and boost their creativity?

3. Cartoon Theme Birthday Party

Kids love cartoons. Ask your kids' favorite cartoon and prepare a cartoon theme birthday! Don't forget to ask your kids' favorite character. Kids will get sad if you choose a character they dislike. You can prepare balloons, toys, clothes, props, and even display boards related to that cartoon. Cosplay will also be fun for kids to play as the characters they like!

4. Toy Theater

What about holding a toy theater at your kids' birthday party? Toy theater boosts your kids' imagination, creativity, and hands-on ability significantly. Kids can be the director, the actor, or the playwright of the toy theater. You can buy a ready-made toy theater set for kids, or you can make one by yourself using the common materials have at home!

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Aged 6-8

Kids aged 6-8 start the study journey to primary school. They are getting more friends and more knowledge about the world. It's great to find your kids' passion at this stage. Are they into robots, basketball, painting, or dancing? Kids will love it if you support their passion and hold a birthday party related to it. Also, it is better to hold some activities that kids can play with their friends.

5. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts can be fun. Kids and their friends can find treasure by following the hand-drawn map you give. That means you need to design the treasure hunt route by yourself. You can also set a riddle or question as the final password to win the treasure and give hints on the road. Firstly, you need to pick a safe way without so many cars or other potential dangers (such as in the park). Secondly, choose 3-4 points along the way as a hint-giving location. Finally, kids and their friends can find you at the final location.

6. Birthday Photograph

It is commemorative to have photographed at a birthday party for kids during this age. You can even ask a professional photographer to take photos of your kids at the birthday party if the budget allows. You can take photos of your kids with well-prepared gestures, or moments she or he enjoys the party.

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Aged 9-11

Kids aged 9-11 are energetic, vigorous, and lively. They are absorbing more knowledge and curious to explore more about the world. So birthday parties for this age can be set outdoors to fulfill kids' "adventure wishes". Based on your budget and time available, you can choose a kid's birthday party from eating out to a birthday trip.

7. Birthday Eating Out Party

Kids will find it fun to eat out occasionally. It's not because they do not like the food made at home. Instead, they like to have different chances to experience different kinds of food and the eating environment. It must be a great memory if you choose a good-environmental and good-tasting restaurant to hold your kids' birthday party. Some restaurants will even hold special services for kids' birthday parties. If you are not sure about whether your kid will love the restaurant you choose, McDonald's will always be the right choice.

8. Birthday Trip

No matter where to go, a family trip is always exciting! As your kids are getting older, it will become harder for your kids to be absent from studying and join a family trip. So take the chance of your kids' 9-11 birthday parties and set off on a trip wherever you go!

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Aged 12-15

When kids grow above 12 years old, they may have stronger definite views and know what they want and what they dislike. Or they can be rebellious sometimes. As parents, it is better to respect your kids and support their choices. So compared to making all decisions for them, why not ask how they want to celebrate their birthday and try to support their own birthday party ideas? It is also great to see children have their definite ideas.

9. Birthday Party with Friends

Don't be sad, but to be honest, your kids might already have a birthday party planned with their friends, and this party may even not leave a place for you. It is time to let them grow up and hold their own birthday party! Leave some place for them and prepare some snacks and things to play with. It is also a chance to let kids be responsible for the whole party from preparation to cleaning up!

10. Birthday Party to Amusement Park

Kids will be rebellious, but seldom kids can resist the charm of an amusement park. You can treat your kids and their friends to the amusement park for one day of fun!

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Aged 16-18

Kids aged 16-18 can somehow be called an adult. So don't treat them as a kid who needs to be arranged for everything anymore. Take them as your friend, and think about how you would celebrate the birthday of your close friend! Think back at the moments you spent together, at things they like and hate, at how you celebrate kids' past birthdays. Birthday parties for kids aged 16-18 can have two main topics: expectations and memories.

11. Birthday Party of Memories

If your kids are emotional, it is a good idea to hold a birthday party for recalling all the significant, warm, cute, or touching moments of his or her growth. You can make a video or photo collection, and take out the old items that your kids once loved to use or have a great meaning.

12. Birthday Party of Expectations

Kids' birthday is not only the end of childishness, but it is also a beginning for kids to reach out to the world. Kids may have a vague dream now, and you can find some chance for them to try that dream. For example, if your kids are addicted to drawing, you can hold a small art exhibition to show kids' paintings at kids' birthday parties. You can ask your kids' friends, teachers, or your friends who are good at drawing to visit the small art exhibition. It is the best chance for kids to receive comments from the outside world and get inspired and encouraged!

13. Take Your Kids to Their Dream

Parents can not stay with their kids. Kids have a long way to go by themselves. However, it would be much better if kids could feel their parents' support along their road of chasing dreams. So a concert held by whom your kids love, a movie directed by whom your kids respect, or a basketball game with your kids' favorite player, can be a great support for your kids to chase their dream!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids of Different Ages

1. mBot Ultimate (for kids above 16)

10-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Students

Ultimate by Makeblock is an advanced programmable robot kit that is more suitable for kids aged 14-16 years old who have some basic knowledge of coding and robotics. The kit consists of over 550 mechanical parts and provides a comprehensive range of features. The kit also includes 10 custom robots that genuinely make the possibilities for maker combinations infinite—everything a kid needs to make their ideas come alive. Read: Top 10 Programmable Robot Kits for Adults

2. mBot Ranger (for kdis above 12)

3-in-1 Robotics Kit for Building Robots from Scratch

mBot Ranger has 3 robot building forms to explore: a robot tank, a self-balancing robot, and a racing car, which can conquer all terrains like flat roads, grassland, gravel, and sandy beach and supports Scratch and Arduino C programming. You can learn coding from beginner to expert. mBot Ranger can be your coding learning assistant at home or even outside!

3. mBot Mega (for kids above 6)

Smart Remote Control Robot Car for Kids to Learn through Play

mBot Mega is an omnidirectional remote control car that supports 360° rotation and side drifting which is perfectly matched with Scratch. It is an ideal STEM kit for kids to learn electronics, engineering, and coding. You can explore learning coding fun in mBot Mega's multiple functions: obstacle avoidance, line following, and remote control.

3. mTiny (for kids above 3)

Smart Panda Robot for Preschoolers to Learn Coding, Music, Math, and Language

Certified for pedagogical quality by "Education Alliance Finland" and awarded a design award by "Reddot", mTiny robots for kids aged 3-5 are screen-free, and no connection to a PC or smartphone is needed. The tap-to-code interaction pen enables remote control, command, play games, and learn to code. mTiny also uses eco-friendly and nontoxic materials to ensure the safety of smart robot toys. With the adorable panda look, this emo robot is fascinating to toddlers. mTiny robot toy for kids will be the perfect gift for all boys and girls!

Top 3 Birthday Party Places Near Me

1. Park
2. McDonald's
3. Amusement Park

Birthday Party Tips for Parents

1. Respect Your Children
2. Show Your Love
3. Enjoy the Moments with Your Kids!


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