Top 10 Cute Panda Toys | Ultimate Guide for Buyers

People all over the world are fascinated by the bamboo-loving animal, the ingenuous and cute pandas. There are only less than 2000 pandas in the world, and it is illegal and impossible for anyone to own a panda. Settling for the second best, we can buy cute panda toys, and there are much more than 2000 panda toy choices! Between all the dazzling cute panda toy products, we pick the cream of the crop 10 kinds of panda toys for you. If you are entangled with which panda toy to buy, check this ultimate guide for you!

Top 10 Cute Panda Toys

1. Chongker

panda toy

What is the quickest way to own a panda? Just buy one panda toy from Chongker! This panda toy seems too real to distinguish it from the real panda. Chongker makes the most realistic panda toy because this Sichuan-based company handmakes panda toys nearly perfectly restored the appearance of the popular panda stars. Chinese top panda star "Meng Lan" and the top of the top panda princess "He Hua" both have been "models" for Chongker!

2. Aurora Miyoni Panda

panda toy

Aurora panda toy is one of the best sales in Aurora's Miyoni series. Like other Miyoni stuffed animals, this panda toy is 100% hand-stitched, so each panda is the one and only unique one in the world, just like each giant panda in real life.

3. Jellycat Harry Panda Cub

panda toy

Harry Panda Cub has charcoal-grey and creamy fur that is soft. Harry Panda can sit up, and when Harry is carried, his beany legs swing about. Harry Panda has five sizes to choose from: "huge, large, medium, small, and tiny”. There is always one Harry Panda Cub that suits your heart!

4. mTiny

toddler toys; little robot

Unlike the usual stuffed panda toy, mTiny is a STEM robot with a cute panda appearance. Awarded by "Red Dot", mTiny is a perfect robot for preschoolers to learn math, music, and coding. Using the tap pen to click the screen-free coding card, mTiny can move forwards and make abundant sounds with cute expressions to thrill kids up.

5. Codey Rocky

emo robot

Like mTiny, Codey Rocky is also an interactive STEM learning emo robot for kids. Kids can customize Codey Rocky's expressions emoji and movements by coding. The palm-sized Codey Rocky can also be empowered by LEGO to do more incredible activities!

6. LEGO DOTS Cute Panda Tray

panda toy

How can we miss LEGO when we talk about cute toys? LEGO designed this "dot panda tray" for young panda lovers. The large lower square uncovered tray is the body part of the panda toy, while the upper cube box is the head of the panda, which can also be turned around and opened as a jewelry box. Let your young designer design the best panda "tray" independently!

7. HotMax Bouncy Panda

panda toy

Every childhood needs an inflatable bouncy toy. Hot Max Bouncy Panda has sturdy legs to prevent kids from falling off. It is a reliable friend to help kids with leg muscles, balance ability, and boost brain development. Kids can play with this panda toy everywhere!

8. We Bare Bears Panda

panda toy

We Bare Bears is a prevalent IP with three bare bears with contrasting personalities as protagonists. One of the bare bears is Panda Bear. Panda Bear has a profound knowledge of technology and Asian culture. MINISO got the official license to produce We Bare Bears. Take your panda toy home!

9. Easfan Talking Panda

panda toy

Easfan's talking panda can repeat what you said. Dancing and walking while singing will also be a cinch for this panda toy. Easfan talking panda toy will definitely be an interactively cuddly friend for kids!

10. HmiL-U Panda Stealing Money Bank

panda toy

Here comes our last recommended cute panda toy! It is important to cultivate kids' awareness of using money appropriately. It is a panda money bank which seems like a box containing a panda. When you place a coin on a button and press that button, the panda will peek out of the box and secretly hide the coin in the box!

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