# How to make wooden art of the zodiac with a Laser Cutter

How to make Wooden Zodiac Art with a Laser Cutter

Do you know the twelve Chinese zodiac signs? If you want to create some super cool wooden art of the zodiac on your own, this #How to will teach you how to use a 55W desktop CO2 laser cutter to make awe-inspiring wooden art of the zodiac.

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# What is zodiac art

Zodiac art refers to a creative expression that incorporates the symbols, themes, or characteristics associated with the traditional twelve Chinese astrological signs of the zodiac. These signs, which are based on the positions of the sun at the time of one's birth, are believed to influence personality traits, behaviors, and destinies in astrology. Zodiac art can take various forms including paintings, digital arts, jewelry, crafts, etc.

As an innovative educational tool, laser cutting machines have the power to turn ideas into reality, playing a crucial role in sparking creativity in children.
Combining a child's creativity with wooden boards can create unique wooden art.

xTool P2

55W Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter

xTool P2 55W Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter

xTool P2 is an ideal laser cutter for schools because it is safe, powerful, versatile, and easy to use. It is a desktop CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine suitable for classrooms.

Students, as well as teachers, enjoy using a school laser cutter. It is a perfect option for K12 schools, colleges, universities, DIY enthusiasts, artists, professionals, etc. It is completely safe and easy to use in schools and has the capability to turn learning into fun.

We can use xTool P2 in the classroom for creative work, using materials such as wooden blocks, boards, and carvings. Through techniques like composition, assembly, and carving, we can create a unique and artistic wooden wall art.

# How to make a wooden zodiac art with xTool P2


We need to get the following four things ready: 

1. A computer

2. XCS software

3. a piece of wood

4. a desktop CO2 laser cutter

downloadDrawing & SVG,DXF,JP,JPEG.PNG,BMPMaterial Selection for Cutting & 3mm basswood plywood

Internal visualization

The machine comes with dual 16MP cameras built-in, allowing for real-time preview and visual precision with an accuracy as fine as 0.3mm.

Panoramic Camera: Generates a panoramic photo in 3 seconds, providing a quick view of the workspace at any time.

Close-up Camera: Can move with the laser head to capture more precise images from any position.

Operation & measure the material thickness Processing & SpeedThe system will display the pattern that is about to be cutZodiac Cattle model图片12.png__PID:95d973f8-05ab-43ba-88cb-b82b3bd244d7

Below are the download links for the wooden art of the zodiac signs:

图片14.png__PID:c1b8d1e3-26d4-4b8d-a10d-69ab1b0dfc83wooden zodiac art

# Bring Me To Your Classroom ^_^ #

MO-See xTool P2.jpg__PID:9386c6aa-3292-40ac-894d-b9da04c43c17

xTool P2 55W Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter for Schools


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