5 Amazing Programming Projects Created by Child Programmers

Kids have a vivid and unlimited imagination. When they apply them to programming an educational toy robot, you will be amazed by their creativity and logical thinking. Here are 5 amazing projects created by young programmers. Some of them are just for fun, while others are practical in everyday life.

Smart Ardubike

Programmable robot Projects

5 third-grade students from Italy created smart Ardubike. The project started from the question: “what kind of safety feature could work for a modern 2.0 bike?” With the instruction of their teacher, they worked in two groups and chose to use the Orion board (based on Arduino) with Makeblock sensors, which included in the Makeblock Inventor Electronic Kit (a kit specifically to design toy robots for kids).  They connected sensors to the board and programmed it with mBlock, the programming software designed for STEAM education. The final project ensured a safety system for the bike using lights, turn signals, and a fall alert based on compass position control. See details at 13 Year-olds Italian Students Make a Smart Ardubike


Greenhouse Set

Programmable robot Projects

Another group of young coding talent created a prototype greenhouse. It set to adjust the temperature and environment of a small greenhouse. The prototype is programmed partly with mBlock, the whole set is built with components from the Makeblock educational toy robot platform. It includes a temperature and humidity sensor, as well as two servo motors and a fanning system. These enable the set to open four windows and cool the habitat when the temperature inside is over 30°C. See details at 13 Year-olds Italian Students Make a Smart Ardubike


Armored Patrol Vehicle

Programmable robot Projects

Young programmer Qiu Qiu built an armored patrol vehicle when he was six and awarded with the title of Programming Master in the Super Show held by mBlock. The vehicle is a combination of LEGO building blocks and an mBot robot.This vehicle is customized to automatically execute commands such as stop, alarm, approach, launch a shell, and sweep. The flexibility of mBot allows Qiu Qiu to design and change the appearance of the vehicle freely with LEGO blocks. See details at The Hero of Today: A 6-year-old Programmer


Smart Lamp

Programmable robot Projects

Your children can build a smart lamp, which functions the same as those bought from the store! A lot of talented kids posted demo videos of their smart lamp on YouTube. These lamps can light up and turn off automatically. When someone makes sound or moves in front of the lamp sensor. Even the brightness of some of the lamps is adjustable. To achieve this result, programmers need an Orion board, RGB LED, Sound sensor, Potentiometer and PIR motion sensor. Install them on an educational toy robot for kids, and then customize the parameters through programming. Some software such as mBlock simplifies the programming process, which helps achieve results with simple drag and drop.


Mini Games

In addition to projects that we can see and touch in real life, there are amazing creations programmed by kids that also exist in the digital world. A lot of programming systems allow young programmers to design and code simple but fun projects by themselves. By following instructions, kids can use the Python system to program games. Such as dice rolling, guess the number, and text-based adventure games. When their code is connected to devices with display screens such as Codey Rocky (a toy robot for kids), a mini gaming device is created.


Introduce programming to your kids and help them explore their potential in invention and creativity. Using educational toy robots for kids.

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