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Technology Engineering

Before students enter college, the most important step is to choose the major. Technology engineering is a hit major in prestigious engineering colleges and universities. But few amateurs can accurately tell the difference between the major of engineering and technology engineering. To give a deep insight into the major of technology engineering, we provide the ultimate guide for you to learn about technology engineering from the following frequently asked questions:
1. What is technology engineering?
2. What is the difference between the major of engineering and technology engineering?
3. What kind of person is suitable for the major of technology engineering?
4. Why is technology engineering a good major for students?
5. How can parents develop kids' insights into technology engineering?

1. What is technology engineering?

Technology engineering, also known as production technology, is the practical application of technology in industrial production. It means that people apply scientific knowledge or use the research results of technological development in the industrial production process to achieve the intended purpose of transforming nature.

To achieve different goals, various kinds of technology engineering have been formed. For example, mining technology engineering studies tools, equipment, and methods for mining deposits; Metallurgical technology engineering studies metal smelting equipment and processes; Electrical technology engineering studies the equipment and operation of power plants and power networks; Materials technology engineering that studies the composition, structure, function of materials, etc.

Recently, with the comprehensive development of science and technology, technology engineering has penetrated all aspects of modern science and technology and social life, thus emerging biogenetic technology engineering, medical technology engineering, education technology engineering, management technology engineering, military technology engineering, system technology engineering, and so on. Technology engineering has broken through the scope of industrial production technology, showing its broad prospects.

2. What is the difference between the major of engineering and technology engineering?

Not much difference. Both majors require students to have a great understanding of math, science, and physics. Students have very similar curriculum arrangements.

But when students get into the advanced period, they will easily understand the difference between engineering and technology engineering. Otherwise, there won't be two totally the same majors with different names. In one word, engineering emphasizes concepts, while technology engineering emphasizes application. Which one is more suitable for you or your kids? Keep reading:

3. What kind of person is suitable for the major of technology engineering?

1) Good at STEM projects

STEM, short for science, technology, engineering, and math, contains the whole picture of technology engineering. People who are good at STEM projects can have a good understanding of technology engineering.

2) Good Hands-on Skills

Technology engineering emphasizes application. People who are good at hands-on skills can better fit in the technology engineering learning process.

3) Good Concentration Ability

An engineering technologist needs to have a good concentration ability to learn the boring basics and practice from scratch. It takes time to grow from beginner to master.

4. How can parents develop kids' insights into technology engineering?

1) Science Class

Technology engineering is based on engineering knowledge. With a great guide by a science class teacher, kids can quickly understand the brief logic behind this phenomenon. Then kids can be more willing to explore the further exploration of technology engineering.


1) Systematic
2) One-to-many, not personalized


1) Few opportunities for choice
2) Depends on the teacher's teaching ability

2. Science Experiment Kits

There are many engineering kits for kids on the market now. You can pick one for your kids on an interesting topic that your kids like!


1) Entertaining
2) Cultivating hands-on ability
3) Deepen the impress


1) Expensive
2) Mostly disposable

3) STEM Bootcamp

At STEM boot camp, kids can learn technology engineering knowledge, do STEM projects, and make friends with kids who also have a great interest in STEM. Moreover, kids can get the most professional instructions at STEM boot camp. If there is no STEM boot camp near you, you can encourage kids to join an online STEM boot camp and do homechool.


1) Better interaction
2) Teamwork
3) Making friends


1) Expensive
2) Not customized

4. STEM Robots

STEM robots focus on kids' building, coding, and engineering cultivation. STEM robots integrate the advantages of the above three ways with many kinds of tutorials that carry infinite teaching guides for kids to play with robots.


1) Interactive
2) Customized
3) Cost-effective
4) Learn with fun
5) Upgradable


1) Hard to choose
2) Quality Control Issues

STEM Robots Recommended

To solve the problem that STEM robots might be too many to choose from and there are some quality control issues that increase the risk of buying a STEM robot, we pick top 3 STEM robots for you to help kids with their technology engineering growth.

4-1 mBot Ultimate

robot building kit

Makeblock mBot Ultimate is a 10-in-1 robot building kit. With 160+ electronic and mechanical parts, this robot building kit has ten robot forms to build and remote control. Compatible with Raspberry Pi and Arduino Sensors, mBot Ultimate is the perfect robot building kit for students and professionals to unleash creativity.

4-2 mBot Ranger

robot building kit

Makeblock mBot Ranger is a 3-in-1 building and coding robotics for kids. mBot Ranger can perform as an all-terrain RC robot car to walk and run on floors, hillsides, sand, grass, etc. From entry-level block coding to advanced Arduino coding, the mBot Ranger robotics kit helps kids learn coding from beginners to experts.

4-3 mBot Neo

coding games for kids; coding projects; coding robots for kids; scratch coding for kids; coding books

Makeblock mBot Neo is a perfect buildable coding robot for kids. mBot Neo makes coding for kids easy and fun with mBlock open-source software and enriched learning tutorials. Empowered by the most potent microcontroller, electronic modules, and mechanical parts, mBot Neo can be called the most powerful robot for kids ever.