First 2018 MakeX Robotics Competition Held in Indonesia

On September 27th-28th, the 2018 MakeX robotics competition international round was successfully held in the Bina Bangsa International School, Malang, Indonesia, organized by PT. JOINDO EKA HANDAL. Of the 100 students from 6 schools across Indonesia, 2 alliance teams (4 teams in total) were set to receive spots in the 2018 MakeX World Championship.

After two days of exciting competition, the Optimus Prime + BBS KJP Team4 alliance took the title as a primary school winner while the Joint Automation Volunteers + Ironcaster alliance won the high school title.

MakeX Indonesia award ceremony

Uniquely for a STEAM competition, a large part of the MakeX contestants are female students. Acknowledging this, a representative of the MakeX organizing committee said: “We are thrilled to see that more and more girls get involved in programming, coding and robotics competition and perform at such a high level!”

Getting the robots ready

According to the Director of the Bina Bangsa International School, Setiani Soejanto, a STEAM curriculum was chosen so that teenagers will get the skills required to face take advantage of an increasingly technological world. “Indeed we have just implemented our STEAM curriculum this year. But the progress made in these two and a half months is amazing. These children are very engaged in the classes, especially when programming a robot,” Soejanto said.

When interviewed by the local media Jawa Timur, Erwin Octavia, CEO of PT. JOINDO EKA HANDAL said “we hope to stimulate and maintain our childrens’ passion towards STEAM and encourage them to learn more about cooperation through MakeX robotics competition.

Mr. Erwin interviewed

He also mentioned that in the near future, PT. JOINDO EKA HANDAL will collaborate with all schools in Indonesia in promoting the development of STEAM education and MakeX robotics competition.

Following MakeX Indonesia, international qualifying rounds will be hosted in Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, and Dubai. 350 teams of students from all over the world will gather in China in December, 2018 battling for the MakeX Championship. Trophies and a series of prizes totaling 500,000 RMB will be awarded to the winners of the year.


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