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USA World Cup

The FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 is underway, and the round of 16 is setting in. On August 6th, the American women's football team lost 4-5 to the Swedish team. The United States women’s national team, champions of four out of the eight Women’s World Cups held, missed the chance to be the first national soccer team to win three consecutive World Cups.
After winning successive two Women’s World Cup titles, the USA team is high-profile for their performances as the defending team. The performance of the USA World Cup in 2023 can be analyzed from the four rounds of group stages that have already occurred: USA vs. Vietnam, USA vs. Netherlands, Portugal vs. USA, and Sweden vs. USA.
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USA World Cup Schedule

2023/07/22 | USA vs. Vietnam | 3:0

With a passing success rate of 79% and 3 nice goals with star striker Sophia Smith scoring two, the USA checked in the World Cup with the first beautiful victory.

2023/07/27 | USA vs. Netherlands | 1:1

On July 27th, a match in Group E in Wellington was the focus of the day. The two opponents of the last Women's World Cup final met, and the US team drew 1-1 with the Netherlands. Fox had 6429000 viewers watching this game on average, hitting it the highest group stage television broadcast since Fox began reporting on the game in 2015. Fox and Nielsen stated that the audience in the last 15 minutes even reached 8.45 million. With this exciting game ending, the US team also ended their 13 consecutive wins in the World Cup but extended their unbeaten record to 19 games.

2023/08/01 | Portgual vs. USA | 0:0

The final group stage of the Women's World Cup is the United States vs. Portugal. In the beginning, the attack from the United States was of high quality, but without an advantage in ball control. In the second half, the U.S. team had a fierce attack, but they were unable to score. In the end, the two teams made peace 0-0, and the United States advanced to the quarter-finals in a thrilling match.

2023/08/06 | Sweden vs. USA | 0(5):0(4)

In the 90-minute game and the overtime game, both sides played closely attacking and defending but without a result. The USA team and the Swedish team were ultimately dragged into a penalty shootout.
In the penalty shootout, the United States team took the first penalty, hitting both sides; the second penalty still hitting both sides; the third penalty was missed by the Swedish team, the fourth penalty was lost by both teams, and the fifth penalty was lost by the American team. In the sixth penalty, both sides scored, and in the seventh round, the Swedish team finally won.
In the end, the Swedish women's football team won 5-4, defeated the American women's football team, and advanced to the quarterfinals. The American team's three consecutive champion dream was shattered ahead of schedule.

2023 FIFA World Cup Highlights

The 2023 Women's Football World Cup ended all the competition in the group stage and set in the round of 16. Check out some FIFA World Cup Highlights!

USA World Cup

Three matches of USA World Cup 2023 at this tournament represent the US women’s worst group stage performance in World Cup history – and no team has ever won the competition having picked up so few points in the preliminary stage. It finally turns out that the overall level of the world's soccer teams has leveled up. And it takes time and effort for the USA team to make a breakthrough and get back to its peak.

Germany World Cup and South Korea World Cup

Germany, the two-time champion and world second-ranked country, drew 1-1 with South Korea, and both were eliminated.

Brazil World Cup

Brazil was also unexpectedly eliminated. In another group stage match on the evening of the 3rd. Brazil was drawn by Jamaica and was unable to advance, which is regrettable.

Morocco World Cup

Morocco defeated Colombia 1-0, and the two teams joined hands to advance. Morocco has created a miracle by advancing to the knockout stage after participating in the Women's World Cup for the first time. We can look forward to its performance in the round of 16.

Overall Gap Is Narrowing

From the group stage of this World Cup, it can be seen that the overall gap in women's football is narrowing. Multiple traditional strong teams were eliminated in the group stage, such as Germany, Brazil, Canada, and Italy.

World Cup Brackets

The rounds of 16 are as follows: in the first half, Switzerland vs. Spain, the Netherlands vs. South Africa, Japan vs. Norway, Sweden vs. the United States; in the second half, Australia faces Denmark, France faces Morocco, England faces Nigeria, and Colombia faces Jamaica. Up to now, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Sweden have entered into the top 8. And their competitors in the first half have lost the chance to move forward in the 2023 World Cup.
The world cup bracket list will come out of these countries, and the final champion of the 2023 World Cup is also hidden in them. Who are your promising teams for the world cup brackets? Cheer for them!

USA World Cup Jersey

USA World Cup

In the 2023 World Cup, the USA updated its jersey to a 4-star version with Nike. Nike designs the USA World Cup Jersey, with red and blue splotches on the white background. Compared with last year's bland blue USA World Cup jersey, it is a wonderful creation with a huge improvement to create such an attractive splatter home kit.

Where to Watch the World Cup Near Me

It is impossible for all fans to fly to Australia & New Zealand and watch the World Cup on-site, and there may be jet lag. Where to watch the World Cup near? What other activities can unleash the excitement of the World Cup after watching it? Here are some interesting ideas:

1. Fox World Cup

The Women’s World Cup kicked off with the host nations’ opening matches on July 20 and is airing exclusively on FOX Networks through the final on Aug. 20. You can watch the World Cup anywhere as long as there is a device with FOX Networks. Home, bars, can cheer for the World Cup women's football team anywhere.

2. A Small World Cup

A Small World Cup is a mini-football video game for two players with simple and addictive gameplay. You can control the game by dragging the cursor, making players easy to show skills. The more straightforward the control methods are, the better you can focus on your soccer actions and skills.

3. Robot Soccer Playing

You must be familiar with soccer playing with your friends. Do you ever imagine playing football with robots? We want to introduce three robots for you that can play soccer beyond your imagination. You can even play with your kids who have endless potential in soccer, robotics, engineering, and coding!

1) mBot

robot kit; STEM toys

mBot is designed for beginners to learn engineering, building, and programming. You can build mBot in 15 minutes and start coding in 1 hour. mBot can be programmed to play small football, remote control, and play games with easy block-based programming.mBot gets rich learning tutorials including screen-free coding cards, step-by-step activities, and a curriculum for you and your kids to get started!

2) mBot Neo

coding robot; robot for kids

mBot Neo, also called mBot 2, has a more neat appearance than mBot and updated tactile sensor electronics to hold multi-functions to explore: remote control, voice control, line following, IoT, etc.You can hold a robot soccer game by coding from block-based to Python easily. As "soccer players", mBot Neo can be customized with LEGO bricks, electronics modules, and add-on packs to boost creativity and fun.

3) mBot Ultimate

robot building kit

Compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi, mBot Ultimate gets 10 robot-building forms to play with and learn to code. Apart from catching a small soccer ball, mBot Neo can programmed to become a camera dolly to capture the nice shoots of a soccer game as well. There are much more than 17 possible coding & robotics cases for you to discover about mBot Ultimate!


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