Incheon Educational Science Information Institute to Operate the 2024 "Coding Classroom on the Road" Program

June 19, 2024  | Makeblock


INCHEON, Korea, May 2, 2024 — The Education Science and Information Institute of Incheon Metropolitan City's Education Department in South Korea launched the "2024 Coding Class Visits Gyeongdae" project in May. This project aims to provide students with customized educational experiences in artificial intelligence (AI) and software (SW). The project plans to cover 85 schools until November, using carefully designed educational programs to stimulate students' interest and passion for coding.

Starting at Dongam Middle School on the 2nd of the month, the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education will operate this student-tailored AI and SW education initiative through the Incheon Educational Science Information Institute. To provide AI and SW education without geographical, cultural, or learning barriers, 24 different educational programs have been prepared to suit the characteristics of various elementary, middle, and high school environments and classes. Classes will be conducted after identifying the desired teaching tools and programs through pre-consultations with school teachers and instructors.


A showcase of educational tools at an AI teacher training session, highlighting innovative resources for the classroom.


Families and children engage in a thrilling mBot soccer match, combining fun and learning through interactive activities.

Makeblock mBot, mBot2, mTiny, and Codey Rocky are selected as the officially designated teaching tools to help students deepen their understanding of coding through hands-on practice and foster innovative thinking.

The "Coding Classroom on the Road" is a customized program that connects specialized coding education instructors with special classes, island regions (such as Baengnyeongdo, Yeonpyeongdo, and Daecheongdo), and Korean language classes. These instructors prepare experiential coding tools and programs tailored to the needs of each class.

An official from the Educational Science Information Institute stated, "Digital competence is becoming increasingly important for students in future societies, and it is essential that every child receives digital education tailored to their needs without any being left out. Through the coding classroom, we hope that students from diverse backgrounds and characteristics in Incheon can grow according to their individual needs and become future digital talents, creating a true era of student success."