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mBot2 Somatosensory Game Coding Box


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mBot2 Somatosensory Game Coding Box

mBot2 Somatosensory Game Coding Box


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mBot2 Somatosensory Game Box

Play Somatosensory Game

Create video games by programming. Play them through a series of fun interactions with CyberPi (shake, move, tilt). Design your own games by easily adjusting parameters, characters, etc.!

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Learn in Order,
Easy to Carry

The design of the fold-out page is convenient to carry and not easy to lose. Also, coding project boxes contain rich and clear instructions, which can help children coding learn without any hindrance.


You may receive packaging labeled with either mBot2 or mBot Neo, depending on the order date.

This is because mBot Neo has been renamed to mBot2. This change is part of our ongoing effort to streamline makeblock product naming conventions and unify related learning resources. Please be assured that this name change does not affect the product's functionality in any way. The mBot2 retains all the features and capabilities of the mBot Neo. 

How to use mBot2 + Coding Project Box?