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mBot2 Smart World 3-in-1 Add-on Pack

mBot2 + Smart World Add-on Pack

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Contains Makeblock mBot2 Coding Robot Pack, Smart World Add-on Pack and Free Gift
  • Free Gift: mBot2 Standard Coding Box x1 ($19.99)

Smart World 3-in-1 Add-on Pack



Contains Makeblock mBot2 Smart World Add-on Pack

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    mBot2 Smart World 3-in-1 Add-on Pack

    mBot2 Smart World 3-in-1 Add-on Pack


    Explore Smart World Concept with mBot2


    New Robotics Forms

    Extend mBot2 with this add-on pack to create robotic arm, robotic carrier, and surveying robot. See how additional sensors can make mBot2 even more useful in smart applications.


    New Educational Concepts

    The Smart World is an educational concept that brings real-life applications into the classroom by considering important areas of life where technology can become an enabler for the UNSDGs.

    4 (2).jpg__PID:48f12a9a-8786-4c5a-a11c-d02fb8190a89

    New Classroom Activities

    With the mBot2's wireless communication capability, students can practice collaboration, exploration and problem-solving skills in rich STEM activity topics such as Smart Farming.

    One Add-on Pack to Explore Way More Fun

    The farm model needs to be set up additionally according to the guidelines

    Way 1: Identify Colors



    Program the Surveying Robot to Identify coloured objects in different hights on or above the barrier/guide

    1 (1).jpg__PID:449c9eac-7b12-41fe-bf0a-42a85632cb781.jpg__PID:9eac7b12-c1fe-4f0a-82a8-5632cb78b7c5

    All-in-One Education Solution

    These resources are only supported for use with mBot2 and Smart World Add-on Pack together

    free coding project cards.jpg__PID:95d5cb14-1ff7-4459-99b6-3541dccb49f7

    4+ Free Coding Projects

    Learn with paper-based materials. Master basic robotics with activities such as line chasing and obstacle avoidance.

    Send with package

    free basic courses (1).jpg__PID:9094ed59-1989-438e-bc54-9338d5cbd478

    8+ Free Basic Courses

    Lessons plan and classroom activities for educators to teach computer science, coding, and STEM from concepts to applications.

    free learning cases.jpg__PID:cb141ff7-3459-49b6-b541-dccb49f788e9

    24+ Free Learning Cases

    Learn step by step with animated GIFs guide.In task-oriented environments, learn coding and robotics by doing.

    Explore >

    free makeblock app.jpg__PID:d5cb141f-f734-4959-b635-41dccb49f788

    Makeblock Remote Control App

    Warm up your class by operating robot projects

    Download >

    free coding software.jpg__PID:6c95d5cb-141f-4734-9959-b63541dccb49

    mBlock Coding Platform

    Teach students from block-based coding to Python programming.

    Download >

    Team Up on Classroom Project 

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    mBot2 Inspire Activity Bundle for STEM Activities


    My 11-year-old son is happy... good product

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    I will double check with the team who requested it.

    Georges M.
    Impeccable quality at a fair price

    I have known the product for a long time and am impressed by the educational concept of the learning robot. I merely placed a reorder, but I am very impressed by the rapid delivery, the impeccable packaging, and the fair price.