Programmable building block platform

Makerspace encompasses Electronic Modules, Structural Parts, Motors & Actuators, and Transmission & Motion Parts for gadget building. Teachers can get customized Makerspace solutions for specific curriculum needs. Coupling with Scratch or text-based coding in mBlock, Makerspace helps teachers put the power of creativity in their classrooms, and empowers students to participate in global robotic events like MakeX.

Electronic Modules

With 103 types of Electronic Modules packaged into 12 boxes, the kits offer four kinds of mainboards (mCore, Me Auriga, MegaPi Pro, and NovaPi) and three series of electronic components (Neuron, RJ25, and mBuild) to experience the wonders of electronic technologies. The electronic module can be used to build the robotics master control system or sensor systems, meeting the needs of electronic applications at different levels.

Neuron Sensor Block 1

Neuron Sensor Block 2

Neuron Sensor Block 3

mBot Modules

Electronic Modules 1

Electronic Modules 2

Electronic Modules 3

Electronic Modules 4

Electronic Modules 1

Electronic Modules 1

MakeX Electronic Modules

Battery Packs

Structural Parts

With 107 types of Structural Parts packaged into 12 boxes, the kits offer a range of beams and joint attachments, lean beams, fasteners, metal accessories, and other large-scale parts and tools. These structural components play a vitally important role in the robotics mechanical structure. Otherwise, they can be freely assembled to fulfill various practical applications, achieving up to 200 structural designs.

Beam0824 Structural Parts

Beam0808 Structural Parts

Beam0412 Structural Parts

Square Beam Structural Parts

Slide Beam2424 Structural Parts

Connecting Fittings

Lean Beam 1

Lean Beam 2

Large Parts

Hardwares and Tools 1

Hardwares and Tools 2

Slide Guide Buckles Pack

Transmission & Motion Parts

With 83 types of Transmission & Motion Parts packaged into another 8 boxes, the kits provide a selection of gears, shafts, bearings, wheels, belt and chain drive components, etc. These are fundamental elements to construct the motion control and transmission systems of the robot.

Basic Drive Parts 1

Basic Drive Parts 2

Shaft Type Drive Parts

Chain Transmission Parts

Motion Parts 1

Motion Parts 2

Motion Parts 3

Motion Parts 4

Motors & Actuators

The kits feature 9 boxes of Motors & Actuators, including 73 types of motors, servos and pneumatic modules. These parts are essentials for robots to actuate movements, performing grasping and dexterous manipulation.

Motor Modules 1

Motor Modules 2

Motor Modules 3

Motor Modules 4

Motor Modules 5

Motor Modules 6


Pneumatic Parts

MakeX Motor Modules

Storage Products

Gratnells storage products offer an effortless way to keep classroom tidy, such as trays in various colors facilitate teachers to organize teaching essentials orderly. Ranging from trays and lids to drawer rails and buckles, the modular and standardized design of these storage products are compatible with all standard school furniture. All Gratnells products have relevant certification, and Gratnells trays are BSI tested and fully recyclable.

Gratnells Tray

Gratnells Tray Runners with Clips for Trays