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Interactive Light & Sound

As the name goes, the add-on pack essentially adds 2 light sensors and a sound sensor to mBot to demonstrate the use of these two commonly used sensors in daily life. Turn your mBot into 3 different robots including Light-Chasing Robot, Scorpion Robot, and Intelligent Desk Lamp.
Include 3 types of mechanical parts in professional grade aluminum alloy
Include 2 light sensors, a sound sensor, and an RGB LED module
More playful ways to code and learn with mBot


Scorpion Robot

Add a shiny tail that made of RGB lights to mBot to make it look like a scorpion. The RGB lights can be triggered on by the light sensor or sound sensor.

Intelligent Desk Light

Turn on or adjust the brightness of this smart desk lamp by touching the line-following sensor. It can also be a voice-activated lighting device with the use of the sound sensor.

Light Chasing Robot

Flash a light around your robot to see at what lengths it will go to chase. Thanks to the light sensors, your robot will turn left when the light intensity on the left is higher; otherwise, turn right. No light intensity difference? It will go straight forward.

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