Ever wonder if it’s too early or too late to start worrying about your child’s future education? Or how to balance learning and play so that they’re still having fun? In our fast-paced environment today, it’s important for children’s minds to be stimulated for them to stay ahead. This is why STEAM education is more important than ever in 2019. In other words, playing is becoming more important than ever – playing with STEAM toys, that is.

Learning toys, like STEAM robotics kits, have become very important, because encouraging learning early on gives your children the best opportunities to be successful later in life. Thankfully, being set up for success doesn’t mean that your kid has to sacrifice their childhood. STEAM toys mean that kids can learn coding or programming with fun during the STEAM education. With that said, here are top 10 best STEAM robotics kits of 2019.

1. Makey Makey

Makey Makey is an invention kit for anyone and everyone. Want to create something funky and crazy?  You got it. Want to create some music with ordinary household items? Easy and done. You can create anything from a dance mat out of cardboard to cardboard drums to a banana instrument. Thanks to Scratch programming, this creative kit allows you to go from programming to bringing your invention to life quickly and easily. This kit is best suited for kids older than six years but is great with younger ages as well. Imagination is their only limitation.

2. MotionBlock

If you’re looking for an easy robotic engineering kit, look no further. With MotionBlock kids can gain hands-on experience designing robotic projects from your abstract ideas. Experiment with the included preset functions and supporting materials or play around with your own ideas to train your creative mind at the same time. The advanced technology in this kit allows your robot to perform precise movements and a whole array of other functions. Using a handheld synchronizer, your robot can even automatically follow your motions.

3. 4-in-1 RC Kits for Kids and Adults – STEM Toy-Making Set

Even more fun from 4-in-1! This STEM Toy Making set comes with four models, giving hours of endless entertainment. Each of the toys takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours to build, letting your kids hone their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while even allowing them to train their focus for longer periods of time. With colorful instructions and diagrams, your children can even assemble the toys independently.

4. mBot

mBot is an entry-level STEAM educational robot kit created by Makeblock puts the pro in programming while allowing your kids to have fun with this adorably easy robot. Your kids can build a robot from scratch and develop their logical thinking and design skills with ease. Learn about robotic machinery, electronic parts, and even the fundamentals of block-based programming with this playmate that is even suitable for STEAM lessons from teachers. Because mBot is compatible with other building blocks, your children can continue to enjoy their robotic project for a longer time to help improve their spatial intelligence.

5. Bloxels: Build Your Own Video Game

Not just one of the coolest STEAM toys, Bloxels have wowed people outside of the STEM toy category thanks to its simple but impressive technology. This unique concept lets kids build basic video games using, well, bloxels (like pixels) on a board before they scan it with a phone or tablet and see it come to life on the screen…just like a real video game. Watch as your kids build their own characters and play with them, using the companion app on their phone, and, even better, they’ll learn the basics of coding…like deciding what their characters look like and what they do.

6. Halocode

Halocode is a STEAM robotics toy that could lets kids take hands-on to a whole new level. Halocode is advertised as a single-board computer with built-in Wi-Fi and is designed for programming education as it integrates a broad selection of electronic modules. Kids can play with AI speech recognition with the microphone module and learn how to apply this cutting-edge technology by creating interactive and voice-activated devices. With the embedded sensors in the circuit board, Halocode can even be programmed to respond to touch, sound and movement.

7. Code-A-Pillar

Didn’t you love watching caterpillars when you were a kid? Let your kids learn while enjoying the same awesome experience. A simple and eye-catching design makes the Code-A-Pillar one of the hottest toys of the year. Your kids will love the STEAM-integrated learning this crawler offers, from the light-up segments to the motorized head that includes lights, sounds, and eyes that blink back at you. Challenge your kids to figure out the order of segments to complete targets that you lay on the floor, and watch them have a blast as they learn the foundations of basic coding.

8. Codey Rocky

Combining hardware with software, Codey Rocky, another wonderful programming robot kit by Makeblock, lets your kids learn about programming while playing and creating. Your kids will have all the power of controlling their robot at their fingertips as they decide what the robot’s every move will be. By practicing with animations, design games, and other applications, your child will learn to understand each command intuitively and gain experience in hardware creation. Watch as music, lights, and facial expressions on Codey Rocky show your kids a new way to bring their imaginations to life.

9. Cubelets SIX Robot Blocks

Who says a robot has to be complex? A robot can be whatever your kid wants it to be, and this pack of Cubelets makes it easy to design a simple functioning robot. The six different cubes in this pack have six different functions. Let your kids become better thinkers as they create their own functioning robot that can spin, make noise, light up, and more. Kids ages four and up can enjoy mixing and matching these blocks, with over 500 possibilities for creating unique robots. You can even expand the possibilities with over 16 different types of Cubelets that you can buy separately.

10. Ultimate 2.0

mBot Ultimate 2.0 is a 1o-in-1 programming robot kit. The 10-in-1 sounds like an infinite amount of fun for you and your child, especially if it’s this programmable robot kit. With over 550 mechanical parts and electronic modules, anything is possible. A wide range of features allows you and your kid to learn about applied electronics and mechanical principles. With Ultimate 2.0’s powerful main control board, designing and controlling your personal robot is a piece of cake. Your kid can make a robot capable of complex functions like 3D printing, detection, or self-balancing – or make a robot with simpler features like using a functioning robotic arm, rolling, or being a camera dolly.

There are so many amazing STEAM toys for you to choose from, but when it comes to deciding which robotic toy is the best for your kid, the best ones are both fun and educational. It’s never too early to start learning – especially while having fun.

Whether you have a dream of having your child understand coding at an early age or if your child wants to become an engineer, there are a lot of benefits to these great STEAM kits. From using simple bloxels to create a video game, to using more advanced AI sensory technology to develop your child’s motor and design skills, your kid will be on their way to building a basic foundation in STEAM robotics for their future.