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Supports Schools Teaching with Tech Tools

STEM education matters! Makeblock is committed to supporting educators by providing exclusive funding opportunities. By optimizing school budgets, we aim to empower schools and institutions to deliver the best education possible. This campaign is currently open to schools in the United States, please stay tuned for updates on availability in other countries.

Exclusive Offers for Educators




12+ Free Standard-Aligned Courses

Support Up to $33 Per Product

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Grade 1-3

Codey Rocky

24+ Standard-Aligned Courses

Support Up to $28 Per Product

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Grade 3-8


8+ Standard-Aligned Courses

Support Up to $34 Per Product

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All Grades

xTool P2 Educational Bundle

36 Free Standard-aligned Lessons to Prep Your Course

Support $250 Funding in Total

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How It Works



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Apply the code on exclusive offer products.



Enjoy educators' exclusive funding and stretch the school budget.


Expanding Funding Support for NGOs

Makeblock supports educational NGOs with funding and product sponsorship, targeting organizations reaching over 10,000 individuals. Our aim is to boost the social impact of these NGOs and drive education progress. This campaign is currently open to NGOs in the United States, please stay tuned for updates on availability in other countries.

How It Works

How It Works.jpg__PID:494669fe-d269-466c-909a-7c69d1f4577eHow It Works.jpg__PID:69fed269-066c-409a-bc69-d1f4577ef4d5
Expanding Funding Support for NGOs.jpg__PID:5cc21a11-27eb-45e4-a5cf-f1ac1e4203c9Extending Support to NGOs and Schools.jpg__PID:53553d13-77fb-4f74-bdaf-7a6d9b7dcdc5

See Makeblock in Actions

Makeblock x School Promise Project.jpg__PID:028ce5af-cb33-42f9-9237-c0a41f9ac7beMakeblock x School Promise Project

In 2022, Makeblock donated $3398 to support's vital work in computer science education. Through this donation, Makeblock contributed towards the preparation of more educators, the promotion of computer science learning, and the expansion of free course access for students globally.

Focus Comic Art Workshops at IDEA Museum.jpg__PID:e5afcb33-12f9-4237-80a4-1f9ac7be253bFocus Comic Art Workshops at IDEA Museum

Makeblock partnered with Focus Comic for a STEAM event at the IDEA Museum on March 9th, 2024. Young artists used the xTool F1 laser engraver to create personalized metal cards, fostering creativity. We aim to empower autistic and special needs children by providing access to tools like xTool laser engravers, building skills and confidence for future careers.