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Makeblock NextMaker: STEM Monthly Subscription Plan for kids with 60+ Free Online Courses

Ready-to-learn projects
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Makeblock NextMaker: STEM Monthly Subscription Plan for kids with 60+ Free Online Courses

Makeblock NextMaker: STEM Monthly Subscription Plan for kids with 60+ Free Online Courses

$99.95 $149.99

Free Learning Materials


Free e-Learning Platform

Guiding kids through each step of a DIY coding project

Discover 60+ courses available on NextMaker's official website, providing a structured learning journey filled with enjoyable coding experiences!

What You Get in Every Month

3-6 materials sets for STEM activities covering rich learning topics

18+ step-by-step animated online lessons

27+ physical project programming cards

Free uses of mBlock coding platform

Unbox & Reviews

"Now I'll demonstrate and our fingertip piano has a sensor on it that makes our tree [on the screen] wither and flourish with the motion of your hand. Pretty cool!"

To Toy Or Not To Toy


“We managed to do that with the piano because the clay and me are conductors of electricity!"

Unicorn ToyParty

7.55k followrs

"As kids are practicing their coding skills, the platform will check their code, helping them to learn debugging by sharing tips on how to make it better."

Derek Bana


See Nextmaker in Actions


Family learning together

Monthly homeschool materials

Play to learn with tutorial

Unleash creativity through DIY

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User Story

Inspire kids' creativity with Nextmaker!

Franco wanted to create a project to help older adults with Halocode (part of Nextmaker), a sensor-based stair lighting system that can make going up and down the stairs safer. Halocode helped him make it happen!

Highlights of Nextmaker

One-time subscription

Pay $99.95 for the first month, pause or cancel anytime.

Monthly surprises

Receive monthly projects around topics like building/STEM/ coding/crafting/electronics per month.

Play to learn in a safe way

Get high-quality wooden parts, safe electronic modules, and a wealth of learning resources every month.

Spark STEM inspiration

Let kids explore and find their hobbies, and potential and grow in the process.

Features of Each Project

Rich learning resources

Coding cards

Online learning platform

STEM projects and activities

Step-by-step user guide

Hardware-software integration

Interactive learning

Instant feedback

Safe & fun learning

Kid-safe materials

Hands-on project

What's Included

Electronic components

Building components

Learning material

Product Comparison

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Rachel Pettit
Educational, entertaining, and fun coding box!

The Nextmaker Box is a very educational, entertaining, and fun coding box!

When I received my first Nextmaker Box, I was excited to find a code-able touchpad piano with some jumper cables and a bunch of other interesting gadgets. The boxes I received afterwards just kept getting better. One was a halocode programming board, which was very cool. Then there was a code-able airplane, a servo with the parts to build a moving robot monster, and an LED screen with the parts to make a ball target game.

I would definitely recommend the Nextmaker Box if you want to learn, build, be entertained, and develop your thinking skills. It is awesome!

John Stark
Intuitive Product

A very interesting method to keep the kids occupied and learn something new at the same time!!

A programming box with building and programming is much more interesting.

The product itself has strong creativity, and this monthly release is also in line with our long-term interest requirements.

Matt Wilson
Kids love it

I absolutely love this box was easy to put together an was well worth the price would definitely recommend to other

Oliver Martinez

Perfect! As offered. Thanks!

Michael Hanson
The perfect combination of hardware and program

By building and installing modules, children's hands-on ability and autonomy have been greatly improved.



Lorraine Chardon

My son loved it!

Thank you very much for creating such an excellent product

Nextmaker breaks the boundaries between the virtual world and the physical world. It is a wonderful thing for children to truly touch and experience the magic of the physical world.

Germán Molina
Very recommended!

I think this is a very suitable product for children. My kid is already in elementary school so I bought the first box with the mentality of giving it a try. We received the first box soon. Self-study videos are well made! As a result, we ordered the rest 11 boxes immediately.
I was still a little worried about whether the quality of the next box would be reduced, but then I found that my idea was purely redundant. All boxes have distinct themes, vivid explanations, and increasingly rich hardware.