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Makeblock NextMaker: STEM Kits with DIY Projects and Free Online Lessons

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NextMaker Level 1



Contains Makeblock Nextmaker STEM Kits(Box 1-3)
  • Makeblock Nextmaker STEM Kits(Box 1-3): 3 STEM Projects and 18 Online Lessons Included
  • Entry-Level: Allow Kids to Learn Basic Coding Concepts

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NextMaker Level 2



Contains Makeblock Nextmaker STEM Kits(Box 1-6)
  • Makeblock Nextmaker STEM Kits(Box 1-6): 6 STEM Projects and 36 Online Lessons Included
  • Intermediate Level: Allow Kids to Explore More Coding Concepts like Functions and Complex Sensors Application

NextMaker Level 3



Contains Makeblock Nextmaker STEM Kits(Box 1-12)
  • Makeblock Nextmaker STEM Kits(Box 1-12): 12 STEM Projects and 66 Online Lessons Included
  • Advanced Level: Allow Kids to Explore Higher-Level Coding and STEM such as Robotics, Smart Control and More

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Makeblock NextMaker: STEM Kits with DIY Projects and Free Online Lessons

Makeblock NextMaker: STEM Kits with DIY Projects and Free Online Lessons


Kid-approved, Parent-preferred

"Our finger piano thingy has this super cool sensor that copies what your hands do, and it makes the tree on the screen grow big or get all tiny right away. It's like magic! "

To Toy Or Not To Toy


“We pulled off this piano magic because the clay and I act as conductors of electricity!"

Unicorn ToyParty

7.55k followrs

"As you are coding away, this platform checks your code and gives awesome tips on how to make it even cooler. It's like having a coding buddy that helps you become a coding pro."

Derek Bana


Code, Create, Play!


Family coding together

Ready-to-use project materials

Game-based tutorial

DIY for unleashed creativity

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User Story

Inspire kids' creativity with Nextmaker!

Franco wanted to create a project to help older adults with Halocode (part of Nextmaker), a sensor-based stair lighting system that can make going up and down the stairs safer. Halocode helped him make it happen!

Highlights of Each Project

Rich learning resources

Coding cards

Online learning platform

STEM projects and activities

Step-by-step user guide

Hardware-software integration

Interactive learning

Instant feedback

Safe & fun learning

Kid-safe materials

Hands-on project

What's Included

Electronic components

Building components

Learning material

Let's Answer Your Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Katherine Wandell
Everything is Great!

My child loves his monthly boxes and I can tell he is learning!

Karen Millikan

Nextmaker STEM Coding & Science Kit (Box 1-12) | Monthly Subscription

Hong Cheng
Learning Robotic is fun

My boy is excited for everything that he has already got for it. He is expecting to receive mail every month from MakeBlock.

Tim Arrington
Homeschool Fun

My 10 & 12 year olds and I are having a great time with our first box. Looking forward to the next one :)

John M
School level education at home

Excellent for home schooling your children. Many lessons with one kit. The attention to detail is amazing.

Rachel Pettit
Educational, entertaining, and fun coding box!

The Nextmaker Box is a very educational, entertaining, and fun coding box!

When I received my first Nextmaker Box, I was excited to find a code-able touchpad piano with some jumper cables and a bunch of other interesting gadgets. The boxes I received afterwards just kept getting better. One was a halocode programming board, which was very cool. Then there was a code-able airplane, a servo with the parts to build a moving robot monster, and an LED screen with the parts to make a ball target game.

I would definitely recommend the Nextmaker Box if you want to learn, build, be entertained, and develop your thinking skills. It is awesome!

I wish it would work

My dad and I have been trying to contact Makeblock to tell them that our activation codes (each box comes with one, and won't work without it) AREN'T WORKING!

So we have all these nice boxes, and we cannot use them.

We have been requesting help for a week.

So much fun!

We’ve only gotten the first box but it was terrific! Lots of detailed and engaging projects. My son says, “it has 7 projects and each one was really fun and interesting! I can’t wait to get my next box!” Five stars!

Andrey Melnikov

Wonderful :-)!

Steve Cavanaugh Cavanaugh
Good stuff

Ordered this for my middle school aged granddaughter.
She enjoyed the it enough that she actually did the work herself.