Networkable microcontroller for Computer Science and AI education

CyberPi is a single-board computer, packed with advanced electronics which make it powerful yet affordable. In combination with our impressive mBlock coding editor, it supports the development of coding skills from block-based programming to Python.
The integration of hardware and software makes it a powerful tool to discover Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Networks and the Internet of Things in a learning setting.


A combination of hardware and software makes Python learning engaging

The brand new mBlock Python editor is a platform designed for learning and teaching Python and Micropython, taking AI and data science learning to the next level.

Empowering Python teaching and creating in a new way

Install the editor with just a button | Download third-party python libraries with a button | A wealth of hardware and software example programs

Visit Python editor

Download mLink2


Ready to use!


A powerful tool to teach Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

Introduce data science into classrooms and visualize the learning outcomes

1.44-inch HD full-color screen for different data to be displayed in multiple colors, making data collection, processing and statistics fully visualized.

Get to know NLP and explore Human-Computer Interaction

Featuring an onboard microphone and high-quality speaker, CyberPi works with mBlock’s cognitive services to make speech recognition and text reading much easier, helping students explore advanced technologies.

Create fun IoT & LAN projects

With its built-in Wi-Fi module and mBlock’s cloud broadcast function, CyberPi can be used to create IoT projects such as DIY smart home appliances.

CyberOS – A powerful operating system

A self-developed operating system designed for CyberPi

Store multiple programs and seamlessly switch between programs | Allow renaming the device| Wi-Fi auto join

Pocket Shield – A perfect match for CyberPi

High-performance pocket shield brings endless possibilities

Digital servo port*2 (for Arduino sensors and LED strips)
DC motor port*2
Rechargeable Li-ion battery (800mAh 3.7V)(800mAh 3.7V)

Compatible with 100+ electronic modules

Pocket Shield brings CyberPi endless possibilities thanks to its high-capacity battery and ability to serve as a driver and controller at the same time. It is compatible with third-party sensors (like Arduino sensors), common DC motors, LED strips, and servos.

Flexible and diverse structural design

CyberPi and Pocket Shield have holes and tapped holes for connection to M4 metal parts and building blocks, unlocking new ways to play.

Get Ready for MakeX Competition

MakeX is a global robotics competition that promotes multidisciplinary learning of young people within the field of science and technology. Students who master programming with CyberPi will be empowered to join the MakeX global competition.