The 18 Best Elementary and High School Graduation Gifts of 2023

Elementary and High School Graduation Gifts

Choosing a gift for elementary and high school graduates is quite strenuous. Therefore, we have gathered the best 18 gift ideas the graduates would love. We have selected the latest, useful, and beneficial graduation gift ideas of 2023 to make your choice easier. You can choose any of them according to the receiver's personality, linking, and interest.

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Best Elementary School Graduation Gifts

1) mBot Neo

mBot Neo is a simple and beginner-friendly coding robot. It is ideal for teaching coding to elementary school graduates. They can play and learn at the same time using this interactive robot toy.

The coding is made pretty simple, and students can code through block-based coding. It is simply drag and drop of premade blocks. They can also learn advanced Python coding once they master the simple codes.

The robot develops problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, persistence, and many skills that are in high demand. Users can practice AI, IoT, Data Science, and various other modern subjects. The best part is that the robot can be upgraded with new kits, which allows children to explore more.

Makeblock mBot Neo: Beginner-friendly Coding Robot Kit

2) Customized T-shirt

It is one of the simplest graduation gift ideas to surprise kids with a customized T-shirt on their graduation day. The shirt can have any special quote for the day, favorite cartoon character or superhero, name & date, etc. It will be a memorable gift.

3) A Worthy Book

When students graduate from elementary school, it is the perfect age to teach them basic finance, ethics, literature, storytelling, etc. You can buy them one or a few books that can help the graduate in the future.

4) Backpack

Students need backpacks for school and co-curricular activities. You can get a sturdy backpack with some functionality, such as USB charging ports, headphone jack, bottle holder, water-resistant raincoat/material, etc. They would love to carry such backpacks.

5) Customized Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must-have for elementary school graduates. It is a useful graduation gift that they will use every day. Get a water bottle customized with the name, motivational quote, favorite character, etc. Prefer getting a laser-engraved water bottle because the engraving lasts longer than printing. You can easily get laser-engraved water bottles from online stores and marketplaces.

6) Sports Kit

After graduation, kids love to spend time playing their favorite sports. It keeps their mind fresh and improves physical health. If you know what the kid loves to play, get a sports kit for it. It could be a cricket kit, football kit, baseball kit, etc.

7) Art and Craft Items

Art and craft items boost creativity in kids and improve their skills. They can make different items and learn new things. You can give a painting set, coloring set, clay & pottery wheel, jewelry-making set, etc.

8) mBot Mega

mBot Mega is a smart remote control robot car that can teach kids coding and let them enjoy their creations. It is an omnidirectional robot car that can move in any direction through 360-degree rotation.

It is a complete coding powerpack full of fun and knowledge. Beginners can start with the block-based codes and then learn Arduino and Python coding. The robot also comes with three presets to get started quickly. It boosts creativity and inspires students to learn STEM subjects while playing.

This robot can be an excellent gift for elementary school graduates. Moreover, you can buy more kits for new I/O modules and controls.

Smart Remote Control Robot for Fun-filled Playing and Computational Learning.

9) World Map or Periodic Table Charts

After graduation from elementary school, kids need to understand the world map thoroughly to have a good grasp of geography. Similarly, learning the periodic table is also important, and it will spark interest in chemistry. Therefore, you can give a world map, world atlas, and large periodic table charts. These will help a lot in the studies.

Best High School Graduation Gifts

10) mBot Ultimate

mBot Ultimate is a 10-in-1 robot-building kit with which graduates can make a wide range of robots and enjoy their creativity. It helps in mastering advanced coding through Arduino and Python. Plus, it also has block-based coding for those who have never coded anything before.

The robot helps in learning engineering, mechanical movements, programming, IoT, and some other advanced subjects. It builds a strong foundation of innovation and sparks interest in students to think out of the box.

Makeblock mBot Ultimate 10-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Students

11) Alarm Clock

It is one of the simplest gifts you can give to a high school graduate, but it is quite useful for time management. It will help them wake up on time and be on time wherever they go. The best part is that you don't have to spend much on an alarm clock.

12) Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo can make the life of graduates a bit smarter. They can talk to Alexa and manage their daily tasks, to-do lists, etc. They can also control the lights, speakers, and other electronic devices using a smart plug and Alex Echo. It is an amazing device that is always ready to answer questions.

13) Makeup Kit

For girls, a makeup kit would be better than any graduation gift ideas. They would definitely love it. You can get a simple kit from online stores and then make the graduate happy. It is a simple yet effective idea.

14) Headphones

Headphones are a must for college and university students. They either carry headphones or earbuds in their bags. You can give high-quality headphones. It will definitely make the day of the receiver.

15) Motivational Quote Frames

For room décor, motivational quotes are the best. These will motivate them to do more and more and never look back. Get multiple photo frames with some motivational quotes and give them to the graduate. It will not only decorate the room but also motivate the person every day.

16) Customized Journal

Journaling is a good habit, and many successful people take it seriously. It is a great idea to look at the mistakes, achievements, goals, etc. It helps us in working in the right direction and minimizing mistakes. A customized journal would be a better option. You can have the name or the sketch of the person on the cover.

17) Smartwatch

A smartwatch not only makes us look smart but also makes our life easier. It is a cool and useful gadget that high-school graduates should have. From the alarm clock to emergency calls, it has everything needed. But if you don't want to spend much on a smartwatch, consider buying a fitness tracker.

18) Camera

The students can use the camera for creating YouTube videos, professional photography, cinematic videos, and many other purposes. It is quite beneficial and useful, but it one of the expensive graduation gift ideas.