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Makeblock mBot Neo

Enhance children's hands-on and logical thinking skills with a buildable coding robot.




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mbot neo coding robot
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Play Coding Games with Robot

Coding project boxes make coding learning not that hard anymore!

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Surprise! Not Just at First Glance

Coding learning, game design, AI applications, IoT, data science, and more...Have a blast with mBot Neo's most power and precision moving in its kind!

block coding for kids

Learning Coding Made Easy

Coding with mBlock, kids will start with block-based coding, and upgrade to Python programming in the same platform.

coding projects

Build Various Robotics Projects

mBot Neo Shield can connect with more than 30 electronics and LEGO bricks, enabling kids to build various robotics and STEM projects.

coding robots for kids

Coding Robot for kids

Support coding learning and STEM education with various game-based coding project boxes. Easier, faster, and more fun to learn to code.

benefits of coding

AI and loT Integrated Robot Toy

mBot Neo can combine with mBuild modules to achieve intelligent functions, such as voice control, smart camera, and more.

most powerful robot for kids

Most Powerful Robot for Kids Ever

mBot Neo has the most potent and versatile microcontroller, electronic and mechanical parts, mBlock open-source software, and rich learning resources.

Coding Robot for Kids without Coding Experience

15+ best coding games and projects for kids playing and learning

mBot Neo with Coding Project Box

The Coding Project Box series is designed around the mBot Neo coding robot, offering illustrated step-by-step guides and crazy-fun gamified coding projects around robotic coding, game development, AI, and data science topics.

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coding games for kids

Coding Project Box is a Guide to Make Coding Easy and Fun

Play to Learn with Standard Box

How to use mBot Neo + Coding Project Box?

mBot Neo + Coding Project Box Unboxing

Enjoy Playtime with mBot Neo

PC_Learn in Order, Easy to Carry.webp__PID:decd4fc9-a14c-44bc-b13b-eedad9340f33

Learn in Order, Easy to Carry

The design of the fold-out page is convenient to carry and not easy to lose. Also, coding project boxes contain rich and clear instructions, which can help children coding learn without any hindrance.

MO_Learn in Order, Easy to Carry.webp__PID:cad85cde-cd4f-49a1-8c34-bc713beedad9

Multiple Ways to Connect

mBot Neo can connect with phones, tablets, and PCs via USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The built-in WiFi module can provide the coding class with more IoT functions.

coding robot with multiple ways to connect
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mBlock - The Best Coding Software

20 million+ teachers and children all over the world are using mBlock as their first choice of programming software.

mBlock is a free and open-source software supporting block-based coding and Python programming.

mblock coding software

mBlock has strong capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things supporting various coding projects.

free coding software

mBlock is available for multiple devices and systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

android ios windows mac linux
mblock coding software is available for multi-devices

Award-Winning Learning & Educational Robot

good design award
edison awards
family choice award
international design award
if award
education finland award
stem education award

Loved by Many Families and Schools

We value customers' voices because they help us grow.

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Explore More Playful Creating with Extension Kits

Smart World 3-in-1 Add-on Pack for mBot Neo

robot accessory

Smart Camera Add-on Pack for mBot Neo

robot accessory

mBot Neo Coding Project Boxes*4

robot accessory

Bluetooth Remote Controller

bluetooth remote controller

Smart World 3-in-1 Add-on Pack for mBot Neo

Smart Camera Add-on Pack for mBot Neo

mBot Neo Coding Project Boxes*4

Bluetooth Remote Controller

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Quick Start Guides

Beginner's Manual

Beginner's Manual

A step-by-step instructional manual to get your robot set up.


Getting Started Activities

Getting Started Activities

Ten getting started activities for beginners.


Product Support

Product Support

Get more fundamental cases, FAQs, and customer service.

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Product Specifications

Mechanical materialAluminum alloy
Main controlCyberPi
Processor Xtensa® 32-bit LX6 dual-core processor
Clock speed240 MHz
Extended storage (SPI Flash)8 MB
Extended memory (PSRAM)
8 MB
Onboard sensor
Light sensor, microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer
Other sensorsUltrasonic sensor, quad RGB sensor
Coding languageBlock-based, Python
Battery (included)Built-in rechargeable LiPo battery
Battery capacity2500 mAh 
Playtime≈ 5 hours
Charge time1 hour
Rotational speed1–207 RPM
Maximum external electronic modules8 motor & servo ports
10+ sensor ports
Communication modeUSB, Bluetooth, 2.4GWi-Fi
Compatibility500+ Makeblock electronic & mechanical parts, LEGO bricks

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