Top 15 Toy Cars Picked for Your Kids | Toy Cars for Boys and Girls

There are many kinds of toy cars: indoor or outdoor, battery or charged, and large rideable or small non-rideable toy cars. To pick the most suitable toy car for your kids, you gotta figure out which kind of toy car you want to gift your kids. As each toy car has many different aspects, we will unfold our ultimate gift guide from two dimensions: the toy car your kids can not sit on and the toy car your kids can drive on. We can call them car-like toys for playing and toy-like cars for driving.

1. Race Car Toy

Toy Car

Kids are falling for cool race car toys! This kind of race toy car is the most classic one for kids to have fun with. It is always mechanical and needs no electric charge. It is light, tiny, and fast. Kids can carry it in their pockets or their school bags. Every flat field can be a "Velodrome“ for the race car toy.

2. Toy Story RC Car

Toy Car

RC Car is a remote control toy car in the movie Toy Story. The funny appearance and the same green color as Buzz raise many likes for RC Car. Also, the RC Car can only speak in beeps and whirs, which makes it more interesting and attractive.

3. Marvel Spider-Man Web-Car

Toy Car

Marvel Spider-Man Web-Car is spirited by the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. This Spider-Man Web-Car has a windshield that moves to focus on its target. If your kids are Spider-Man fan, race car fan, or even just a kid who does not know both concepts, they will definitely like the cool appearance of the Spider-Man web-car toy!

4. Jeep Toy Car

Toy Car

Unlike the above toy cars that are cool but not of daily use, a Jeep toy car can be a perfect fantasy for kids to own a real one in the future. This kind of Jeep toy car is so neat and delicate that it can be a great collection as well. It has pink, black, white, and red colors. I bet your home needs such a neat bric-a-brac to build a romantic atmosphere.

5. Police Toy Car

Toy Car

Kids like justice and powerful police and the police toy car that can make cool alarm bells. The mini police toy car can realize kids' dreams of being police and bring the bad guy to justice. The police car toy is an infallible gift for kids who like to play roles and have big dreams!

6. Barbie Toy Car

Toy Car

Hop in and zoom into Barbie Land! The vintage-inspired Barbie car, with a curvy silhouette and retro trims, reproduces Margot Robbie's pink convertible sedan from the movie Barbie. What a piece of neat art on four wheels sparkling like crystal! It will definitely be your little girl's favorite and Barbie lover's beloved collection!

7. mBot Mega Toy Car

remote control robot; smart robot toy

mBot Mega is a kind of remote control robot car toy that can be coded to move in all directions. mBot Mega has mecanum wheels that can realize omi-directional movements in a narrow space. Check more about mecanum wheels: What are Mecanum Wheels? | Robot Parts Dictionary

mBot Mega is also a coding robot that is compatible with Scratch, Arduino, and Python. With mBot Mega, kids can start coding from beginners to experts! mBot Mega also provides multiple building fun that can be built and coded into a spider robot following the tutorial: # How to code a spider robot (four-legged)

8. mBot Ranger Toy Car

robotics for kids; programmable robot

mBot Ranger is a 3-in-1 robotics kit for building, coding, and playing. It has three forms: a robot tank, a self-balancing robot, and a racing car. Kids who love Transformers will be crazy about such a multiform robot toy car!

Kids can have fun with mBot Ranger on the grass, sand, and many kinds of terrains. mBot Ranger can be integrated into classroom or outdoor activities like racing competitions. It cultivates problem-solving skills and collaboration in interesting ways.

9. mBot Neo Toy Car

coding robot; robot for kids

mBot Neo is a hands-on building robot for kids to enjoy coding fun. It must be the most powerful STEM robot for kids ever. The encoder motors in mBot Neo can precisely control rotation, speed, and position, making possible the integration of principles in Math, Physics, and Engineering.

mBot Neo also comes with the next generation of the ultrasonic sensor, which includes ambient illumination, and the Quad RGB sensor, which uses 4 color sensors simultaneously to detect colors and follow lines. The high sensitivity of mBot Neo gives kids a better interactive experience.

Find more possibilities of mBot Neo: # How to make it stop at the station -- mBot Neo Train

10. Tesla Toy Car

Toy Car

The inspiration for Tesla's toy car comes from Tesla's iconic Cyberrack design. The body is equipped with Tesla's iconic LED headlights and taillights, a sturdy steel frame and rubber inflatable tires, and soft cushioned seats to increase cycling comfort, providing children with an interesting cycling experience. The Cyberquad toy car is powered by a lithium-ion battery with excellent performance in range and charging speed (range of up to 13 kilometers and a top speed of 8 km/h).

11. Hello Kitty Kids Baby Push Toy Car

Toy Car

This fancy cute pink-purple Hello Kitty Baby Push Toy Car can easily hit the little girl's heart! Early childhood is one of the most important periods for a child's leg development. This fancy cute pink-purple Hello Kitty Baby Push Toy Car can improve kids' intelligence, exercise kids' balance force, and strengthen physical exercise.

12. Mercedes SUV Toy Car

Toy Car

This Mercedes SUV Toy Car has two modes: parent remote control mode and battery-operated mode. Parents can control this car to ensure their kids' safety and enjoy playtime with kids. Your kids can also drive this toy car by himself/herself with an electric pedal to control ideal speeds. How fun!

12. Mercedes SUV Toy Car

Toy Car

Toy or model car? The boundaries blur for this self-propelled little car made by Pennewitz, a micro vehicle craftsman and collector. Pennewitz made this miniature Porsche that has high fineness on turn-signal lights, wheels, and other special parts. No part was no time-consuming. This miniature Porsche can reach 45km/h, which makes it only suitable for private streets according to law registration.

14. HONDA TRX90X Toy Car

Toy Car

Kids love to explore, especially when it comes to the outdoors. There’s nothing as magical as an ATV for outdoor exploration, like Honda’s TRX90X. TRX90X is just the right type of toy car for first-timers, bringing endless play fun. TRX90X is tailored to young riders, with the exclusive no-clutch transmission which makes fundamentals fun, and still teaches kids how to shift gears. The TRX90X's single-overhead-cam engine is loaded as a gift for both Honda lovers and their kids.

15. BMW I8 Toy Car

Toy Car

Satisfy kid's BMW driver dream! Your young driver deserves this BMW i8 toy car with a realistic cool look, streamlined design, and sparking bright front lights. This BMW I8 Toy Car is battery powered, making it available for kids who can't wait for the long long charge time!

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