Toy Box for Kids | Ultimate Buyer Guide for Parents

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your children's toy box? A big storage box for your child's messy toys, or a full set of toys that already contain surprises? In this blog, we will introduce you to three types of toy boxes: toy storage box, toy mystery box, and toy set box. We will introduce each of these three toy boxes and give some useful tips for you to buy a toy box.

Part Ⅰ. Toy Storage Box

1. IKEA TROFAST Shufat module

Toy Box for Kids

Creating a clean home for toys is the design concept of toy storage products. With the IKEA TROFAST Shufat module series, you can combine storage boxes and shelves with different frames. As the kids get older and the toys change, you can always adjust or add to the frame mix. In addition, a neat storage toy box for kids makes it easier to store and classify toys.
Children need space to play and store their toys, and the TROFAST Shuffat series is an excellent toy storage device with a sturdy wooden frame and lightweight plastic storage boxes that allow children to easily pull, move and put back in place.

2. Speed Cube

Toy Box for Kids

Pyraminx rubiks Cube Case is the perfect gift for puzzle lovers who like to find new challenges and different things, as it can hold various types of infinite cube toys for endless fun, and there is no need to worry about rubix cubes getting damaged by collisions in the bag.
The 3D Rubik's Cube Box can orderly put these different types of 2x2 for Rubik's cube toys in one place to keep your living environment clean and tidy. Designed for small rubik pieces, this cube puzzle bag can hold 12 different types of speeds and is suitable for rubix cubes. Detachable Velcro partitions are located inside, and the dimensions of the space can be adjusted according to the dimensions of the Rubik's cube。
The pyramid of Rubik's cube box is made of high-quality EVA material, which has good impact resistance and dust resistance, extending the service life of the cube toy. This portable cube storage bag has a stable and comfortable handle that allows you to take your toys out at any time and challenge the fun tesseract cubes.


Toy Box for Kids

Folding container of Danbo design in. From storing toys and clothes at home to camping and other leisure activities. The cute and simple design matches any place. It folds compactly and is easy to organize. You can store a lot of things in it and bring Danbo box anywhere!
Danbo toy box has many other kinds of appearances. You can choose plastic material and paper material according to your needs.

Part Ⅱ. Toy Mystery Box

4. Disney Surprise Mystery Capsules Toy Box

Toy Box for Kids

Display your favorite Disney character with scene cards and character stickers within the Disney mystery toy box and show off the entire collection of your Disney and Pixar beloved characters! Each two pack contains two capsules. Each capsule contains one magical scratch reveal clue card, one magical heat reveal clue card, three scene cards, one character checklist/assembly instructions, one surprise character, and one major accessory or side character and one minor accessory. Who will you unbox?

5. JoyCat Alphabet Mystery Toy Box for Kids

Toy Box for Kids

With mystery alphabet toys, kids are able to reach inside and discover fun miniatures of 26 letters of alphabet! All learning toys come from 1 mystery box, 26 miniatures of language objects and 1 double-sided game board printed with uppercase and lowercase. Buy one pretty mystery toy box, which is also easy for storage, and teach your kids all the alphabet with great fun!

6. Plushy Pets Toy Box

Toy Box for Kids

These little plushy pets are soft, cuddly and looking for a new home. Kids will not know which plushy pet they will get until they open the mystery toy box. So many characters to collect, including Mego the Flamingo, Rory the Lion, Snoz the Elephant and Mittens the Kitten! Combine the excitement of unboxing and adopt the cutest Plushy Pets around!

Part Ⅲ. Toy Set Box

7. Plastic Toy Storage Case

Toy Box for Kids

Kids love small toys with detailed and neat designs! This toy storage case has many well-known brands' representative products and collects them all in this little toy storage. Kids can concentrate on digging into this multiple toy storage case for a while!

8. Nextmaker

Subscription Box of STEM Kits

Makeblock NextMaker is a subscription box of STEM kits that provides 60+ playable homeschooling online projects. NextMaker subscription box inspires kids to learn science, technology, engineering, arts, and coding. With visible hands-on results, kids can enjoy and engage in STEM activities and become future innovators.
Enjoy Creating and Have Fun】Nextmaker is a coding toy to spark kids' creativity through hardware, STEM projects, and online courses. Kids can learn engineering, coding, and electronics while having fun.
Hands-on STEM Projects】Each Nextmaker coding kits provides 5-6 exciting STEM projects. Build a robot, play games with a controller, create a smart home device, etc. Your child will learn how things work, why they work, how to create them!
Enriching Learning Resource】Nextmaker STEM toys comes with coding challenge card and abundant online classes, every project with engaging animations and step-by-step instructions. A built-in feedback system checks their code for errors and provides tips.
New Projects Every Month】Monthly get a new box that combines an online coding curriculum and hands-on STEM kits to your doorstep. Kids learn coding from the simplest projects to more advanced and complicated.
Ideal Gift/Choice for Kids】Nextmaker subscription boxes make the perfect gift for both boys and girls. Your kids can play 60+ projects in 12 months.

9. LEGO Friends Storage Brick 4

Toy Box for Kids

Since its founding decades ago, Lego has been committed to introducing a range of products that help the brand grow and improve children's skills. Lego Children's toy boxes are designed for children over the age of five and are very easy to stack, reducing space waste. Children can enjoy the LEGO bricks at the same time feel the fun of storage.

Part Ⅳ. Tips for buying a toy box

Here are some main points you should consider before getting a toy box home. Everyone has different requirements and needs, just make the choice that suits you most!
1. Storage Space
2. Material Safety
3. Kid-loving Appearance


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