4 Reasons Why Parents Choose Makeblock Robots for Kids
Every parent wants their children to be superior with various skills in the future, such as language, astronomy, and physics. But when children reaches certain ages, they absorb very little through classes and books because it is hard for them to concentrate.
To change this situation, many parents use apps on mobile phones to teach children to learn new things, but they always end up playing games. However, Makeblock products can perfectly solve these two problems, combining programming and robot technology which is very friendly for kids, with game-based design, so that children can learn while playing.

Easy Building

When opening the Makeblock box, the accessories are just simple and clear. Through hands-on and coding experience, kids can understand the connection between coding and the real world. At the same time, when the parent assists the child to build the robot, it can not only develop logical thinking skills in kids but also enhance family relationships.

Most Beginner-friendly Coding

Block-based coding utilizes a drag-and-drop color block for programming, this is super kid-friendly since they don't have to type the code themselves. It lowers the threshold of coding and simplifies the procedures which allow children to learn to program easily and happily.

Game-based learning

mBot supports gamification programming software M tribe, zero-based entry, making learning as easy as playing a game. M tribe has designed programming knowledge points into games, which is easier to understand and learn. Just drag and combine the building block instruction modules according to instructions to control mBot to unlock game levels. More than 60 interesting programming tasks can let children learn programming step by step from the game.

Advanced Programming

It also supports more complicated coding, just drag and combine command modules to build blocks to control every move of mBot, and switch to Ardunio C text programming with one key, and continue to advance.

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