How Do You Choose the Right Robotic Hardware for Your Child? Do This!

New robot toy for child: STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) has become one of the most important sets of skills that kids need to learn to get ahead in the world. STEAM skills help kids discover and build interest in different fields of study. Furthermore, it helps children develop independent problem-solving skills. On the other hand, choosing the right robot for kids to learn from can be hard, since most parents didn’t grow up with these smart products. For kids who already show talent in certain fields, the robots described below have a specialized focus.

Science Focus – Robotis Dream Kits

Robotis Dream Kits introduce the principles of robotics, which include electronic energy, gravity, the pulley system, and so on. Kids can learn these principles by building small robots. The kits teach the basics, including the use of sensors, speed and force, gait and drive. Then, kids can solve problems with these science projects, learning the principles of physics along the way. Kids can build on their knowledge and problem-solving skills through the process of creating a robot.

Technology Focus – Codey Rocky

Makeblock makes five different levels of robot kits. One of their most innovative robots is Codey Rocky, which is a smart robot that teaches beginner coding and AI learning based on Scratch 3.0. It has dozens of programmable electronics modules, extensions, and other features to get started coding with block-based programming. And it advances to Python. Codey Rocky supports AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) and provides coding education that kids can use in the future. For more information, please check the website:

Engineering Focus – Humanoid Kits

new robot toy for child

Humanoid Kits are great for children who love to build things, although it can be very expensive. The kits have high-quality mechanical parts and servos. These kinds of robots usually don’t provide complete code or pre-programmed apps to run the biped, which means kids should already know some basics of coding, so they can develop software themselves. It can be a whole lot of fun to make your own robot!

Art Focus – Ozbot Bit 2.0

new robot toy for child

Ozbot Bit 2.0 is an artistic robot! Following printed lines, color sensors allow the Bit to detect different kinds of color sequences and change its behavior according to the colors; for example, one color means “turn left.” The Ozbot moves on a table screen or just a plain white paper, and it combines with the APP Ozobot to teach kids how to code.

Math Focus – Coderz


new robot toy for child

Coderz teaches kids science and math. Because these robotics kits connect science and math concepts to the real world, it helps kids understand the concept of tension, force, etc.

Kids can learn so much from making these smart “friends”, and they can easily use the integrated solutions to develop skills and to help them study from new robot toy for child.

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