Is Your Science Background Important for Kids? | 21 Reasons to Value Science

Science Background

Science and Technology have been the most potent edge tools for development. While everyone is strengthening the importance of science and technology to a country, is your kids' science background necessary for personal growth? We will unfold the questions related to science background from the following dimensions:
1. What is the difference between science and technology?
2. What is science background for a person?
3. 21 Reasons for You to Value Science Background
4. Tools to gain science background

What is the difference between science and technology?

Science is knowledge. People, like scientists, get conclusions about natural or sociological phenomena and find the basic logic behind them, which can be called science. To get close to science, scientists may use methodical methods like observation or experiment.
Technology is the application. People, like engineers, apply scientific knowledge to real life. Technology also expands humans' limits to explore different areas of science.

What is science background for kids?

For kids, there are four important fields to develop the ability of critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation, which are science, technology, engineering, and math (which can also be called STEM). Science, as the first one of STEM, takes a lot of weight on kids' life development.
 Science background for kids is a wide concept. But if we make it pithy, science background is the science knowledge kids learn, absorb, or even discover in their childhood or school life.
To further illustrate the importance of science background, here are 21 reasons for you to strengthen the importance attached to science background.

21 Reasons to Value Science Background

1. Good Science Background generates your kids' curiosity about the world
2. Good Science Background helps your kids get good grades
3. Good Science Background boosts your kids' imagination and innovation
4. Good Science Background develops your kids' problem-solving skills
5. Good Science Background cultivates your kids' critical thinking ability
6. Good Science Background trains your kids with good learning habits
7. Good Science Background develops your kids' detail-oriented focus
8. Good Science Background helps your kids with the spirit of teamwork
9. Good Science Background helps your kids make like-minded friends
10. Good Science Background develops your kids' leadership
11. Good Science Background exercises for your kids' responsibility
12. Good Science Background helps your kids into a good college
13. Good Science Background helps your kids find passion
14. Good Science Background customize jobs for your kids in the future
15. Good Science Background inspires your kids to love life
16. Good Science Background stops your kids from addicting to video games and animation
17. Good Science Background develops your kids' concentration
18. Good Science Background creates more fun and time for family to spend together
19. Good Science Background generates the best childhood memories for kids
20. Science Background is not hard to get for kids
21. There are many tools to help kids to gain a great science background

Tools that help kids to gain a good science background

1. Science Book

As we mentioned before, science is knowledge. With a great guide by science books, kids can quickly get to know a brief knowledge of which part they are interested in, and what is the basic logic behind this phenomenon or principle. Then they will be more willing to dig into the further exploration of science.


1) Covering more content about science
2) Easy to buy
3) Cheap


1) Abstract for kids to understand
2) Hard for kids to memorize

2. Science Experiment Kits

Have you ever imagined bringing a lab home? There are many science experiment kits on the market now that are safe for kids to play at home. You can pick one for your kids on the topic that he or she likes! No other method is better than science experiment kits to impress kids with science and build a solid science background.


1) Entertaining
2) Cultivating hands-on ability
3) deepen the impress


1) Potential safety hazard
2) Mostly disposable

3. Science Bootcamp

At science boot camp, kids can learn science knowledge, do science experiments, and make friends with kids who also have a great interest in science exploration. Moreover, kids can get the most professional instructions at science boot camp. If there is no science boot camp near you, you can encourage kids to join a scientific club at school or a summer camp at other places, or even join an online boot camp.


1) Better interaction
2) Teamwork
3) Making friends


1) Expensive
2) Not customized for every kid

4. STEM Robots

STEM robots are robots that focus on kids' building, coding, and engineering abilities. STEM robots integrate the advantages of the above three tools that help kids gain a good science background. STEM robots with multiple tutorials that carry infinite teaching guides for kids to play with robots.


1) Interactive
2) Customized
3) Cost-effective
4) Learn with fun
5) Upgradable


1) Hard to choose
2) Quality Control Issues

STEM Robots Recommended

To solve the problem that STEM robots might be too many to choose from and there are some quality control issues that increase the risk of buying a STEM robot, we pick top 3 STEM robots for you to help kids with their science background:

1. Codey Rocky

emo robot

Codey Rocky is an emo interactive STEM robot, which can be coded to preset different emoji faces on its LED screen and show its emotion. With much more than science tutorials, Codey Rocky can inspire kids with the empowerment of LEGO bricks, laser cutting, or even just colorful paper! It's also convenient to learn Scratch or Python by Codey Rocky.

2. mBot Neo with coding boxes (for Age 8+)

coding games for kids; coding projects; coding robots for kids; scratch coding for kids; coding books

mBot Neo is the most perfect coding robot to strengthen kids' science background, which takes 30 minutes to build up, and 1 hour to start learning to code. There are 4 coding boxes that empower mBot Neo to carry more useful and playful projects for kids: Al Science Coding Box, Somatosensory Game Box, Data Science Box, and Standard Box. mBot Neo is so neat to have multiple electronic modules for robots to present fantastic functions.

3. mBot Ultimate (for Age 12+)

robot building kit

mBot Ultimate is a 10-in-1 robotic kit for learning, building, and programming. mBot Ultimate contains 10 forms to carry on the above 10 functions, and more than 17 coding and robotics cases in Makeblock Help Center. Kids can take the fun of building, and enjoy the building time with friends and neighbors. With mBot Ultimate, kids can explore the mystery of science any time they want.