Is Coding Hard|7 Suggestions For Beginners

Is Coding Hard|7 Suggestions For Beginners

What is coding?

Coding means giving instructions to a computer or machine with the help of programming languages. It is a way to communicate with the computer and give a set of instructions to be performed. For instance, you can make everything you like, from a simple robot to a powerful AI tool. 

Why should we learn coding?

Due to technological advancement and the massive demand for coding languages on the market, coding is undoubtedly a trending skill that you should have to achieve a bright future. It can lead to software development jobs that offer an excellent pay scale and growth.

Coding also develops many skills, such as problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, persistence, consistency, etc. For instance, when you write code, there can be problems in it, and it might not lead to the desired results. Therefore, you think critically about solving the problem and try again and again. With your analysis and critical thinking, you end up creating an error-free code.

So, is coding hard to learn? How to start learning programming and master coding basic? What is the first step, and how long does it take to learn coding? You might have dozens of questions in mind, and we are going to answer them in this article. We will tell you how you can get started with coding while having fun and enjoying it to the fullest. Let’s begin!

Is Coding Hard?

People always feel overwhelmed and can not get the gist of coding at first. There are many aspects to coding that can make it difficult to navigate from the start due to its complexity. However, if you’re persistent and determined to take the necessary steps, you won’t find it too difficult to learn. While learning to code certainly comes with many challenges, coding is not hard and can be easy even beyond you imagine. 

To figure it out, we’ll take a look at why people think coding is hard and why people actually can learn it well.

3 Reasons Why Beginners Find Coding Difficult:

1. Coding is a constructive art form that takes highly specialized skills

Code is not a tangible thing. It is completely abstract.

Because knowing syntax to coding is like bricklaying to architecture , even if you learned Javascript or C++ doesn't mean you know how to program.

Coding is like writing. Knowing how to fumble your way through a letter to grandma, or managing a song on the guitar does not mean you can become a novelist or composer.

It will never be easy to dig into a field deep. Especially because a programmer will take any part that is easy and write a program to do those parts automatically, so that the programmer gets to focus on the remaining difficult parts. However, it is not necessary for everyone to learn as a profession, it is totally possible for beginners to learn coding well as a basic need for work or daily life. If you have more interests after basically understanding its principles, just dig into the fantastic field of coding and learn it for an advanced level!

2. Learning coding requires massive amounts of time 

Many beginners may think it takes a long period of time for learning coding. How much time does it take to learn a coding language? Actually, it’s up to you.

If you’re taking seldom minutes a day to learn, it could take a while to understand a coding language most of the time. However, if you are in an intensive program, like a coding bootcamp, it may take you 3 to 4 months. By then, you can come out ready to prepare for a coding job search.

There will always be more to learn when you are learning to code, so do not worry if you are not perfect at coding. Just learn 1 to 2 popular frameworks and build a few projects! You don’t need to know everything about coding when you are coding.

So in conclusion, you don’t need years and years to learn to code. You just need enough time to familiarize yourself with the basics and get some practice. Getting to know coding is a study that requires time and persistence.

3. There are a number of coding languages.

There are many aspects to coding that can make it difficult to navigate from the start due to its complexity. Before starting learning, you can choose one coding language to learn. It is important to choose a first language and commit to it. Here are some of the commonly used coding languages for you to choose.

1) C++
Commonly considered a challenging coding language to learn, C++ is a popular and flexible tool for developing video games, databases, and software. Developers created C++ as a simplified version of C. Software developers use C++ to create fast applications like those used in video game development, robotics, machine learning, and scientific computing.

2) Python
It’s really more important for beginners to think about how to program than to write lines and lines of code. Python is designed to present very few obstacles when it comes to learning how to program, and students will easily be able to learn how to construct programming ideas.

Java plays a significant role in developing apps and creating websites. However, choosing Java means you are aiming for bigger fish. It is generally considered more difficult than Scratch and Python. That said, once you’ve learned and understood Java, the way is open for learning other, more basic, coding languages.

Created in the 1970s, Structure Query Language makes it possible to store and manage data in relational databases. SQL is easy to learn. SQL is very popular and works well with other programming languages. Many applications use SQL to update and retrieve data.

Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language. Developed by Apple Inc. For iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux, and z/OS, it is an open-source coding language used by app developers all over the world. Swift is the future of Apple development.

Blockly was developed by Google, and it works like Scratch, since both use the building-block approach to coding. Google, the developer, has also created a dedicated page for Blockly that provides added help and coding practice.

Scratch was created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab as a children’s programming language. It is believed to be the best programming language for beginners or kids. This coding language incorporates a building-block interface and connects a kid’s progress learning to code with the experience of playing with building blocks. If you are a young student, or you are choosing easy coding language for your students or kids, scratch is the best choice as a beginning.

3 Reasons Why Coding Can Be Easy

1. Learning Coding is a Gradual Process

Learning anything new takes time and dedication and feels hard in the beginning. Some beginners start coding, thinking they need to know every programming language, methodology, and function all at once. The truth is, as long as you take it as a gradual process, taking enough time and effort to learn, you can finally get a great result. As many coders begin to specialize in their craft, it’s common for them to focus on establishing themselves as experts with more advanced, niche tasks establishing themselves as niche experts rather than knowing everything.

2. Coding Mistakes are Fixable

Making mistakes is an undeniable part of being human; the same goes for coding. Errors, mistakes, and mishaps will always happen in coding – even for the pros! These problems are easy to pinpoint and quickly fix; they are just part of the coding process.

3. Help is Easy To Get

With so many coding languages in use today, it’s nearly impossible for one person to know everything about the coding world. Luckily, many programming languages have tons of records and documentation, perfect for veterans and new coders to use for reference if they find themselves stuck.

7 Tips for Learning Coding

1. Start with the basics. Pick an easy programming language to learn first and master coding fundamentals before moving to advanced concepts. Coding can get quite confusing and tricky, which is why it is best to start by learning the basics first.

2. Practice every step you learn. Practice makes perfect, and this couldn’t be more true in programming. When you learn something new, the best way to understand and remember it is by continuous practice.

 3. Ask for help. Very few things help you understand coding better than working with experienced coders. Whenever you get stuck, you should reach out to someone who is experienced in the topic and get help from them. It will be better for you to join a coding community.

4. Use online resources and watch coding tutorials. There are various online resources that you can use to your advantage when learning how to code. You can find relevant content that you can refer to from time to time to help you understand your topic better. You can attend beginner coding sessions for a relatively low time and cost commitment. That way, you can decide whether a career involving coding could be in your future.

5. Code by hand. One of the best ways to learn and understand coding is to write in a notebook or on a whiteboard. This will help you improve your coding skills, learn faster, and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

6. Practice patience. Familiarize with coding tools. Sometimes it is hard to learn how to code. This is why it is important to practice patience while learning to code. You are likely to get stuck and frustrated along the way, and only patience can keep you going. You can even apply for a coding internship.

7. Take breaks. It’s important to take breaks throughout your learning process. Whenever you begin to feel frustrated, confused, or tired, take a break and try again when you feel rested and rejuvenated.

4 Coding Robots Picked For You to Start Your Effortless Coding Learning

1. mBot Neo with coding project boxes

mBot Neo with Coding Project Box is a complete box series to make coding easier, faster, and more interesting for coding beginners. It contains detailed tutorials for projects that make it easier to implement and achieve the desired results with less effort. Even if the kids have never tried or learned to code before, they can get started without any hassle.

mBot Neo with Coding Project Box: Easier, Faster, and More Fun Coding Learning

2. mTiny

mTiny, including one lovely robot and a tap pen controller, brings early-childhood educational tools to a new level. It’s a perfect coding robotic kit for young coding beginners and a perfect match for beginners to learn programming basics and get started. It helps beginners learn intermediate and advanced coding and work in an advanced text-based language. The projects are quite interactive to teach coding, and due to the comprehensive variety, you will never get bored while playing with the mTiny.

Makeblock mTiny: Smart Panda Robot for Preschoolers to Learn Coding, Music, Math, and Language.

3. mBot Ranger

mBot Ranger is a 3-in-1 robotics kit for making three different robots: a robot tank, a racing car, and a self-balance car. It is an ideal option for 10+ years old kids. They can program the robot through block-based coding, and it also allows Arduino C, which is excellent for intermediate coders.For beginners, there are eight presets available to get started in no time. It boosts creativity in beginners and lets them enjoy coding results to the fullest. Most importantly, various add-on kits are available to upgrade the robot and have more options.

Makeblock mBot Ranger: 3-in-1 Robotics Kit for Building Robots from Scratch

4. mBot Ultimate

mBot Ultimate is a 10-in-1 robot kit to help beginners in getting a firm grasp on robotics. These different robots spark interest in engineering and programming.Beginners can easily assemble different robots and program them through block-based coding. They also have the option to switch to Arduino and Python coding to take their skills to the next level. The best part is that it is compatible with Raspberry Pi to work on advanced projects.

Makeblock mBot Ranger: 3-in-1 Robotics Kit for Building Robots from Scratch

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