Robots for Kids: Here’s Why You Should Get Your Child a Robot

As modern life shifts over to the digital world, coding becomes a basic life skill for future jobs and other life opportunities. Why do we say “life opportunities”? Because learning to code is not only a way to develop a skill but also a way to develop algorithmic thinking. In the process of learning to code with robots for kids, they are exposed to other ways of thinking about life and can approach STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) concepts from new directions.

STEM Project: Codey Rocky

As a leading STEM education-solution provider, we, Makeblock, have created an all-in-one robot called Codey Rocky. Codey Rocky combines hardware with software, allowing kids to learn coding while they play and create. With the Makeblock software, children can start dragging and dropping blocks to begin creating animations, games, and other fun stuff. After they get familiar with the basic idea of coding, kids can learn an advanced coding language, Python. In addition, with its built-in AI and IoT functionalities. Codey Rocky takes children by the hand and leads them gently into the world of advanced technology, giving them a competitive edge in the AI era.

Kids Programming

As they play with their robots for kids (and learn science, technology, engineering, and math concepts along the way), they also practice creative thinking. Kids get hands-on practice designing their own games and stories by programming each and every move made by the robot. Not only will children be able to understand each command step by step. They will also find it a very rewarding experience to think outside the box while creating their new robot.

The best part is that programming can be as simple as playing with blocks. Codey Rocky uses Scratch 3.0 as the foundation of its mBlock software programming structure. The software makes it easy to start to learn coding. Because the learning process is structured as a series of games at different levels. It enabling kids to practice concepts through hands-on experience.

Artificial Intelligence

AI, short for artificial intelligence, refers to a technology that is starting to affect all walks of life. AI is considered to be an important technological development affecting everyone’s future. A robot like Codey Rocky exposes kids to cutting-edge technologies for the very first time in an easy and enjoyable way. With Codey Rocky, your kids will have an exciting experience to explore the AI world with fun and knowledge.


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