How to Get Started with Your New Coding Robot and Scratch 3.0!

Coding Robot


Nowadays, with the development of information technology and artificial intelligence, the coding robot has become increasingly popular. Many primary and middle schools across the world have begun to teach coding skills as part of their regular curriculum. Consequently, learning coding skills can help children have a more promising career future.

Get start with coding

Coding Robot Education

How to get started with coding? Scratch is a good choice to help young learners start their discovery journey. Even before going to school, children can learn to code with the help of programming software like mBlock. Scratch is currently the most widely used visual programming language in the world. It is easy for very young beginners to learn the basics of coding with a coding robot.

Makeblock’s robotic Codey Rocky is also a great toy to help children learn to code while they play and create. Codey Rocky can kindle children’s interest, especially when they can see their robots actually following the coded instructions they’ve just put in. As a coding robot, Codey Rocky combines software learning with hardware creation for children. It enabling them to create dot-matrix animations, design games, and realize AI and IoT applications.

Coding Robot Education

STEM subjects with coding robots

Sequencing is a set of ordered steps for accomplishing a task. To ensure that Codey Rocky can fulfill the task as expected, a child needs to design a set of steps to make an animation and provide instructions in the correct order. Children also need to find and fix bugs in their creations. The coding robot can instantly give a child the feedback he or she needs. Thus, they can know if their codes are correct and the robot can perform all the coded events.

To engage with the growing number of schools teaching STEM subjects and in addition to producing software and coding robots. Makeblock has also developed a series of complete courses and cases. Makeblock maintains a large number of resources related to construction, programming, handcraft, and experimentation. In this way, Makeblock promotes students’ logical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. These educational materials help lay a solid knowledge foundation for children’s future study of programming. In addition, They enable young learners to have a taste of avant-garde technology.

Knowledge and communication

Knowledge and communication skills are also emphasized in the courses that use Makeblock products. In these courses, Makeblock provides an all-around training system, and teamwork, leadership abilities, and other essential soft skills are all integrated. It can make sure learners can practice coding in an open and happy environment. Makeblock promotes communication between educators and supports educators in developing and sharing their own courses. By connecting people, Makeblock can offer and continually update so many more educational resources for the coding robots.

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