10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots| Choose Your Robot Friend!

Kids love cartoon robots! Robot cartoon movies for kids are a great source of entertainment and education. Cartoon robots have long been an interesting feature of movies. Cartoon Robot films affect generations of science fiction fans who are crazy about robots and cyborgs. From Star Wars to Robocop, youngsters have been attracted to cartoon robots. They also like to impersonate robots the way they make you laugh, weep, and are also a little frightening. Take a look at our selection of kids' favorite cartoon robot characters and keep your children entertained with artificial intelligence and robotics.

10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots

1. Wall-E

10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots| Choose Your Robot Friend!

Humans have completely abandoned the Earth because the entire planet has now become a huge landfill. WALL-E, a trash-collecting robot, lives alone on Earth with a gigantic task to clean up the planet. As he sifts through the garbage, he finds relics of human culture through memorabilia, history, and music. WALL-E runs into an advanced robot called EVE. This is a rollercoaster movie full of music, comedy, and romance.

2. Baymax

10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots| Choose Your Robot Friend!

In the near future, robots have become common everywhere. 14-year-old genius Hiro activates his brother’s medicare robot “Baymax,” they join forces to prevent an unknown villain from misusing Hiro’s invention – a dangerous new type of robot called “microbots.” Helping them are the goofy science whizzes from Hiro’s brother’s college as they form “Big Hero 6” to safeguard the futuristic city of “San Fransokyo.”

3. Astroboy

10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots| Choose Your Robot Friend!

When a genius scientist loses his son, he creates a robot in his image to help him cope with grief. The robot “Astro Boy” is powerful and smart, but he cannot fill the void left by the scientist’s son. He then embarks on a journey to discover himself and his place in the futuristic Metro City. This movie is full of action and emotional roller coaster scenes. Astro Boy seeks a sense of self and tries to gain the approval of his creator.

4. Doraemon

10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots| Choose Your Robot Friend!

Nobita Nobi is a ten-year-old Japanese school boy, who is kind-hearted and honest, but also lazy, unlucky, weak, gets bad grades, and is bad at sports. One day, a robot cat from the 22nd century named Doraemon is sent back to the past by Nobita's future grandchild, Sewashi Nobi, to take care of Nobita so that his descendants can have a better life. Doraemon has a four-dimensional pouch in which he stores tools, inventions, and gadgets from the future to aid Nobita whenever he is faced with a problem. 

5. Transformers

10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots| Choose Your Robot Friend!

Awakening in the year of 1984, the Decepticons set about pillaging the energy sources of Earth, while the Autobots—aided by human father and son duo Sparkplug and Spike Witwicky—attempt to protect the new world on which they find themselves. The miniseries concludes with the Decepticons believed dead after their space cruiser is sent plunging into the ocean depths, while the Autobots prepare to return to Cybertron.

6. SP//dr

10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots| Choose Your Robot Friend!

In the Movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Peni Parker, an alternative version of Spider-Man from another universe, has a cartoon robot partner called SP//dr, which is a one-piece capsule cockpit with a dome-shaped one-way visor that provides Peni with a HUD-style view, magnetically manipulated appendages, and various tools in its fingers.

7. Evangelion

10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots| Choose Your Robot Friend!

Fifteen years after a cataclysmic event known as the Second Impact, the world faces a new threat: monstrous celestial beings called "Angels" invade Tokyo-3 one by one. Mankind is unable to defend themselves against the Angels despite utilizing their most advanced munitions and military tactics. The only hope for human salvation rests in the hands of NERV, a mysterious organization led by the cold Gendou Ikari. NERV operates giant humanoid robots dubbed "Evangelion" to combat the Angels with state-of-the-art advanced weaponry and protective barriers known as Absolute Terror Fields.

8. Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots| Choose Your Robot Friend!

Lelouch Lamperouge, a Britannian student, unfortunately, finds himself caught in the crossfire between the Britannian and the Area 11 rebel armed forces. He is able to escape, however, thanks to the timely appearance of a mysterious girl named C.C., who bestows upon him Geass, the "Power of Kings." Realizing the vast potential of his newfound "power of absolute obedience," Lelouch embarks upon a perilous journey as the masked vigilante known as Zero, leading a merciless onslaught against Britannia in order to get revenge once and for all.

9. Tenkai Knights

10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots| Choose Your Robot Friend!

Eons ago, a cube–like peaceful planet named Quarton, populated by shape–shifting living bricks called Tenkai, was ravaged by a war between two opposite factions: the Corekai and the Corrupted led by the ruthless warlord Vilius who desired to obtain the source of Tenkai Energy for his own purposes. However, the only ones who were strong enough to defeat him were the Tenkai Knights: Bravenwolf, Tributon, Valorn, and Lydendor. Facing defeat, Vilius unleashed the mighty Tenkai Dragon, who was later defeated by the four Knights and its fragments were scattered across the planet. These heroes were never seen again, but the corrupt have returned to be more powerful than ever.

10. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

10 Kid's Favorite Cartoon Robots| Choose Your Robot Friend!

Simon and Kamina were born and raised in a deep, underground village, hidden from the fabled surface. Kamina is a free-spirited loose cannon bent on making a name for himself, while Simon is a timid young boy with no real aspirations. One day while excavating the earth, Simon stumbles upon a mysterious object that turns out to be the ignition key to an ancient artifact of war, which the duo dubs Lagann. Using their new weapon, Simon and Kamina fend off a surprise attack from the surface with the help of Yoko Littner, a hot-blooded redhead wielding a massive gun who wanders the world above.

Every child with a superhero dream wants a loyal and almighty robot friend like Baymax and Doraemon. We pick some robot toys for you to accompany your kids!

3 Robot Toys Picked for Your Kids

1. Codey Rocky

Smart Robot Toy for Interactive Playing and Learning

Codey Rocky is an interactive emo robot with 10+ electronic modules to achieve emotional expression. It creates your own Codey Rocky with LEGO bricks, laser-cutting parts, and colorful paper. It is designed to help kids learn block-based and scratch programming. Kids can enjoy Codey Rocky's expression by programming, and enjoy coding fun in various activities like maze games, line-following, and building.

2. mBot Ranger

3-in-1 Robotics Kit for Building Robots from Scratch

mBot Ranger has 3 robot building forms to explore: robot tank, self-balancing robot, and racing car, which can conquer all terrains like flat roads, grassland, gravel, and sandy beach and supports Scratch and Arduino C programming. Kids can learn coding from beginner to expert. Three forms, three times the fun! Ranger provides kids with the tools needed to expand their coding capabilities. With online programming, limitless extensions, and Rangers pre-set forms, students are able to learn while playing!

3. mBot Ultimate

10-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Students

mBot Ultimate, compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi, has 10 robot building forms for kids to play and learn. It can help students with engineering, mechanical, and programming learning. Also, mBot Ultimate supports visual programming such as Scratch block-based programming, the Arduino IDE, and Python. It will definitely be your kids' best friend!

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