16 Wacky Wednesday Ideas | Crazy Ideas You Never Tried Before

Wacky Wednesday creates precious memories for kids. It includes so many possibilities that teachers and parents can hold a different wacky Wednesday party every week for kids at home or school. After all, kids are born with impish behaviors. It is worth a try on every topic your kids might have an interest in.

Wacky Wednesday Party Benefits:

1. Increase Kids' Imagination
2. Give Kids' An Open Growing Environment
3. Create the Best Memories for the Whole Class or Family
4. Release Pressure of Study and Work
5. Increase Kids' Skills in Collaboration and Critical Thinking
Wacky Wednesday has endless possible good effects on kids, however, it might be a little difficult to come up with so many Wacky Wednesday Party Ideas by yourself, so we pick some most interesting Wacky Wednesday Ideas for you to try next Wednesday.

16 Wacky Wednesday Ideas

1. Wacky Hair Style

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

Your kids might not have a chance to do an exaggerated hairstyle yet, but they have a great possibility of wanting to! Just open your imagination without a boundary. A cup of Coca-Cola, the waves under a surfing guy, a huge chicken leg, and a bearded octopus... Everything you see can become a great idea for a Wacky Wednesday Hairstyle Party!

2. Wacky Glasses Design

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

A wacky hairstyle might be hard for parents and teachers who can not even do a simple basic hairstyle. But wacky glasses for a wacky Wednesday is much easier because even kids can do a simple one they like! You just have to prepare some colorful cardboard, glue, and scissors. You can create any wacky glasses for your kids!

3. Wacky Necklace Design

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

Well, a qualified wacky necklace or bracelet does not have to be as complex and useful as the picture shows. It can be just a string hanging up with some pendants that kids love. It is more important to show different "wacky" attitudes than to be the most attractive one! Try to ask kids to design his or her own necklace!

4. Wacky Nails Style

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

Designing a wacky nail style might be technical for an unprofessional manicurist. But it becomes much easier if you just offer a set of blank press-on nails and nail polish with very fine brushes to your kids. Just let them draw wacky nails like drawing on paper! Remember, nail design is not only an activity for little girls, it is also a fun activity for boys to expand their imagination!

5. Wacky Strange Watch

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

A paper watch can't be weirder. A wacky strange watch is not for time, it is for "emitting light waves", "shapeshifting", "remote call", or even"transforming time and space" for kids. It can spin, hold games, show moods, and unleash endless imagination for kids. By the way, it might be one of the most material-saving and easy-to-clean Wacky Wednesday craft activities.

6. Wacky Shoes Style

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

Wacky shoes can have multiple kinds of styles. You can see shoes like sharks, fish, frogs, or any other animal on a pair of shoes. Apart from animals, a pair of wacky shoes can also be a plane, a car, or a flashlight beyond your imagination. Just ask kids to get one or create one kind of wacky shoes that they like!

7. Wacky Fashion Show

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

If you have enough budget and time, why not prepare a fully-armed wacky fashion show? Kids might not be satisfied with the style of hair, nails, or necklaces. You can prepare a whole set of clothes or "costumes" for them to dress weirdly. You can even hold a Wacky Fashion Show for them to present their wacky suits!

8. Wacky Boom Experiments

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

Do you know there are many experiments that create wacky results? For example, there is an experiment called Elephant toothpaste. The experimental method is to mix concentrated hydrogen peroxide with soap, add some potassium iodide or potassium permanganate, and then observe a stream of oxygen-filled foam-like light yellow substance gushing out of the container like a fountain. It is one of the famous chemical experiments, with a large volume, so it can also be called "Elephant's Toothpaste". But there are some safe potential problems for you and your kids to finish such kind of experiment. Try to do the experiment under the right guidance of a professional expert!

9. Wacky Dancing Club

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

It can not be happier to do wacky dancing without rhythm and rules! You can pick some funny music that your kids may like and lead your kids to do any kind of strange dance. Turning head, swinging hands, twisting buttocks! No one will laugh at you because everyone is doing strange dancing!

10. Wacky Animal Imitation Show

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

Kids can feel the rhythm of nature by imitating animals' behavior! How does a dog bark? Can you crawl like a turtle? Try to argue like two birds! Animal imitation can boost kids' creativity and inspire kids' talents and intelligence in nature. Kids can have extreme fun during the wacky animal imitation because they can try to behave like another species!

11. Wacky Self-portrait

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

Drawing a wacky portrait is a great memory! We always like the beautiful version of us, and sometimes, people can be too strict about their appearances and be diffident about themselves. That's why we need the wacky self-portrait to "mock" ourselves. We can cultivate kids' confidence and the right values. It is not a healthy and positive mind rather than perfect looking can be the most important thing for a person!

12. Wacky Snack Baking

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

You can make wacky snacks even if you have no idea or experience with baking. You can prepare some cookies and smooth some colorful jams on the cookies. After that, you can guide your kids to put cotton candy on their eyes and squeeze some chocolate sauce on their faces to make wacky expressions. Wacky Snack can be your best choice for the Wacky Wednesday Party!

13. Wacky Oobleck Tactile Experience

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

Have you ever tried Oobleck before? The strange tactile experience can't be weirder! Though it feels strange, it can release pressure well! You can prepare some Oobleck with wacky colors and leave kids to play with it without caring about their cleanliness.

14. Weird Barbie

Wacky Wednesday Ideas

Weird Barbie in the movie "Barbie" has reached love from all over the world! Though she got a messy hair, glaring clothes, and wacky behaviors, she got the most avant-garde mind and unique soul. She can be everyone's example of living a free life! You can give your kids a weird Barbie and allow them to dress Barbie as wired as they want!

15. Wacky Robots

remote control robot; smart robot toy

mBot Mega used to be a remote control car robot with 4 mecanum wheels, but who says that a car can not be a 4-leg crab or a 4-leg spider if kids want it to? It can move like a spider or a crab with building and coding fun. Check how to make a wacky remote spider robot: # How to code a spider robot (four-legged). I bet it's fun to remote-control a weird robot crawling around at your Wacky Wednesday Party!

16. Wacky STEM Kits

robot building kit

Things weirder than crawling around robots is a robot kit that has ten strange multifarious forms. mBot Ultimate can be built into a camera dolly, a robot ant, a nervous-like balancing car, a sommelier, or something strange like triangle sushi! Kids can also code to control the robot to move and do the instructions as they like. I wager it will be the most action-packed STEM activity in all of your Wacky Wednesday Activity!

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