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Nobody can escape from the charm of a cute panda! The bamboo-loving cute panda is a species that only exists in China and has lived on Earth for over 8 million years, known as a living fossil. A cute panda has a plump body, black and white fur, a round head, and a short tail. A cute panda's symbol is the two huge black circles around its eyes. Nobody wouldn't want to rush up and hug the cute panda if they have a chance to. Do you know the most beloved cute panda in the world? Where do they live? Meet these top 10 cute pandas now!

Top10 Cute Panda

Top 10 Qi Zai

cute panda

At around 7 pm on November 1, 2009, the Rare Wildlife Rescue Research Center received a call from the Forestry Bureau, informing that local villagers had found an abandoned light brown animal cub urgently needing medical attention. After learning that the cub had not eaten for several hours and was very weak, the center immediately began rescue work.

This light-colored male giant panda is Qizai, the only captive brown giant panda in the world, also a national treasure among national treasures, known as the "chocolate panda".

On November 20, 2019, Pandas International announced the lifelong adoption of the giant panda "Qizai".

Top 9 Jin Xiao

cute panda

Jin Xiao, also known as Gong Xi, a female giant panda, was born on July 23, 2021, at the Moon Delivery Room of Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. Her mother is the giant panda Zhaomei. Born on the occasion of the opening of the 32nd Summer Olympics, Jinxiao officially became the new Olympic baby.

In 2022, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Sichuan Branch adopted the giant panda "Jinxiao" (baby name) and named it "Gong Xi" (Means Congratulations in Chinese)

Top 8 Jin Bao

cute panda

This giant panda is named Jin Bao. Jin Bao is the elder brother of Jin Xiao. It was born on August 9, 2019, and has a lively temperament. Everyone calls it "Big Ear" Jinbao. Jinbao's fluffy ears are like "meatballs" and "towering braids". This cute panda's messy shape quickly caught the attention of netizens and became popular throughout the entire network. Cute panda Jin Bao is also a big meme source in China.

Top 7 Oreo

cute panda

Oreo was born on the opening day of the 2012 London Olympics and is known as the 'Olympic Baby'. Oreo has a 16:9 widescreen face, long eyelashes, a round face, moderate eye circles, and wide and tidy shoulder straps. This cute panda is such an angel that likes to smile. The way Oreo sits and eats like a cute panda ball.
Since the opening of live streaming at the Panda Base, Oreo has had many interesting stories witnessed by the audience. Oreo once got stuck on a small bucket and another once got stuck when climbing out of the fence. He also met with former US President Michelle Obama.

Top 6 Mei Lan (Lannie)

cute panda

Lannie was born on September 6, 2006, at the Atlanta Zoo in the United States and was the first baby of the giant pandas "Lunlun" and "Yangyang".

Lannie is so beautiful and the staff mixed up his gender as a female at birth. Lannie grew up to be quiet and not active. This cute panda eats carefully, swallows slowly, and walks calmly. After Meilan returned to China from the United States, people hoped to select a husband for Meilan and they could give birth to a stunning baby. After voting, the giant panda Yong Yong stood out from the eight candidates "pandas"; Mei Lan also took a special plane to return to her hometown of Sichuan and was later selected as the global promotion ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund's "Earth Hour".

However, after living at the Chengdu Panda Base for a period of time, Meilan unexpectedly showed a series of male panda sexual maturation reactions, which attracted high attention from the base. After testing, it was finally found that Meilan was a boy.

Top 5 Fu Xing (Panda Hi)

cute panda

Fu Xing first appeared at a little panda exhibition and stood out among the same group due to his huge size. He was named "Pandahi" by netizens, and later became popular on the internet due to a group of cute photos crouching in the corner, becoming the favorite bear of many panda enthusiasts.

In addition to its highly recognizable appearance, Fu Xing also has a unique ability to make barks similar to dogs. Sometimes, a sudden 'woof' can frighten companions, and this unique skill has further established Pang Dahai's path to internet fame.

Fu Xing can also have a great time playing alone. In addition to being particularly cute, Pan Dahai is also an excellent acting talent, often directing and acting himself, making some hilarious movements.

Top 4 Xiang Xiang

cute panda

On June 12, 2017, Xiang Xiang, the star panda who had traveled to Japan was born at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan. On February 21st, 2023, this cute panda departed on a special plane and arrived safely at the Si Chuan Base of the Panda Center.

At 7 am on February 21st, over 150 Japanese fans gathered at the entrance of Ueno Zoo in Tokyo to bid farewell to Xiang Xiang.

As the truck carrying Xiang Xiang passed in front of the crowd, everyone raised their phones to take photos. From time to time, choked cries came: "Xiangxiang, goodbye!" "Xiang Xiang, thank you!"

In addition to seeing off Xiangxiang at the airport, some fans even tracked the real-time flight status of this special plane. When the plane passed by Mount Fuji, they tweeted: "Xiangxiang, take a look down, you're under Mount Fuji!"

More than 300 fans came to Narita Airport on the same day to offer a "final farewell" to Xiangxiang.

Top 3 Meng Lan

cute panda

Meng Lan, son of Mei Lan, male, was born on July 4, 2015, in Sichuan at around 11:30 noon on December 15, 2021. He currently resides at the Beijing Zoo.

Cute giant panda Menglan successfully becomes popular on the Internet with his attractive behavior. He crawled to the buffer zone outside the sports field on his own, flipped over the 2-meter-high fence, and caused tourists to watch and take photos. Fortunately, it only crouched on the wall, watching visitors, and did not make any further movements. The park staff quickly arrived at the place to evacuate the tourists, and the keepers used food to lure Meng Lan back out of the fence. Meng Lan is the real Kung Fu Panda!

Top 2 Fu Bao

cute panda

Fu Bao, a female giant panda, was born on July 20, 2020, at Samsung Aibao Park in South Korea. It is the first giant panda to be naturally bred and born in Korea. Since its birth, Fu Bao has been favored as a princess by keepers Jiang and Song. Grandpa Song personally made many toys such as bamboo glasses and a bamboo guitar for "Fubao", making it the giant panda with the most toys. She is such a cute panda princess with so much love around her.

Top 1 He Hua

cute panda

Hehua is a cute panda born in 2020, whose mother is Cheng Gong and father is Mei Lan.

In 2023, the cute panda He Hua became popular on various social media platforms, with "Cute Panda He Hua" ranking first on searches and dominating the trend for a long time. She was referred to as the "top celebrity in the panda industry" by Chinese netizens.

The appearance of Huahua is highly recognizable, and fans can easily find it among the numerous pandas. Its size is smaller than that of giant pandas of the same age, chubby and round; The head is integrated with the body, and the neck is almost invisible; Sitting down is like a triangle onigiri.

Hehua is always robbed of food by other pandas. Because of her short legs, He Hua moves slowly and has limited ability to climb trees, which arouses the love and tender care of netizens. It will take at least two hours for fans to queue up to see her.

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The Chongker panda toy is too real to be distinguished from real pandas. Chongker makes the most realistic panda toys. Chinese top cute pandas Meng Lan and He Hua both have been "models" for Chongker! Chongker's cute panda toy has weight. Just like you hug a real panda baby in your arms.

2. mTiny

toddler toys; little robot

Unlike the usual stuffed panda toy, mTiny is a STEM robot with a cute panda appearance. Awarded by "Red Dot", mTiny is a perfect robot for preschoolers to learn math, music, and coding. Using the tap pen to click the screen-free coding card, mTiny can move forwards and make abundant sound reactions with cute expressions to thrill kids up.

3. Codey Rocky

emo robot

Like mTiny, Codey Rocky is also an interactive STEM learning robot for kids. Kids can customize Codey Rocky's expressions emoji and movements by coding. Kids can change Codey Rocky's expressions by coding with fun. Kids can learn coding like Scratch or Python from beginners to experts. The palm-sized Codey Rocky can also be empowered by LEGO to do more incredible activities!

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