Top 9 Robot Kits For Adults: Improve Your Assembling and Coding Skills

 Jun 25, 2023  | Makeblock

Are you looking for a fun robot kit to improve your assembling and coding skills in your spare time? Robotics kits for adults are more advanced to strengthen your STEM competencies in an engaging way. It’s important to know what to look for when buying to find the right kit for your skill level.

In this article, we’ll show you the factors to pay attention to when buying robot kits and the top picks for advanced robotics kits. We will explore what makes robotics kits a great hobby for curious adults. Ready to learn everything you need to know about robotics kits for adults? Just keep reading!

To improve your assembling and coding skills, there are eight factors you should take into account when you buy robot kits:

- Difficulty Level
- Robot Function
- Robot Kits Quality
- Price
- Warranty
- Return Policy
- Delivery Convenience
- After-sales and Customer Service

Have gotten a basic knowledge about the factors of buying robot kits, it's time to choose one suitable for you. Following are the top 9 robot kits for adults. 

1. SunFounder’s Remote Control Crawling Quadruped Robot Model V2.0

Sun Founder's Remote Control Crawling Quadruped Robot Model V2.0; Top 9 Robot Kits For Adults: Improve Your Assembling and Coding Skills

This Crawling Quadruped Robot kit from Sunfounder is based on Arduino. Being a program that is an open-source electronics platform, Arduino can really make any robotic kit based on it customizable even for robotic novices. With this quadruped kit, you can learn how to work with Arduino, tweak servos and wireless modules, and how remotely control a crawling robot using the provided wireless remote control.

Sunfounder also includes very detailed instructions in the attached manual that teaches you different codes commonly used for robotics to help you understand things more efficiently. Technical support for the product is also free. Overall, this is a fun and interesting, and informative way to start your robotics hobby as an adult.

2. ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Smart Robot Car Kit V4 with UNO R3

ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Smart Robot Car Kit V4 with UNO R3

For starters, the ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Smart Robot Car Kit V4 with UNO R3 contains an educational STEM kit that includes assembly instructions and robotics knowledge along with possible integration solutions to support faster learning. Although marketed as a beginner's kit, this complex car kit allows you to create some beginner'sentive designs – provided that you possess the craft and creativity.

In this package, you get no less than 24 kinds of modules and parts, including obstacle avoidance modules, line tracking modules, infrared remote control, and even the capacity to control your creation via smartphone apps.

It should also be noted that the kit’s many modules are easy to assemble and that each interface has been modified with Xh2.54 ports, adding to its accessibility. Furthermore, the kit features a refined tutorial with HD rendering instructions on how to assemble various designs, including a preset car.

3. Makeblock mBot Ultimate Kit

10-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Students  post a review

mBot Ultimate by Makeblock is an advanced programmable robot kit that is more suitable for beginners who have some basic knowledge of coding and robotics. The kit consists of over 550 mechanical parts and provides a comprehensive range of features. The kit also includes 10 custom robots that genuinely make the possibilities for maker combinations infinite.

Comprised of no less than 550 mechanical parts and electronic modules, the Makeblock mBot Ultimate stands out as one of the best entry-level robotic kits out there.

The kit features a powerful MegaPi mainboard that includes synchronous drive systems, multiple motor controls, sensor reading, Raspberry Pi communication, and much more.

As you would expect from such a complex kit, it also comes with detailed instructions on how to make good use of its features.

The kit’s block-based programming software enables users to program functions by dragging and dropping function blocks. This means that both experienced users and beginners can bolster their skills while using it.

Thanks to its affinity for Raspberry Pi and Arduino, the kit allows users to practice and improve their craft in a comprehensive and detailed fashion.

Interestingly enough, the kit comes with a Makeblock Orion board, which is a user-friendly mainboard, similar to Arduino Uno (with a heavy focus on education).

projects mBot ultimate

Makeblock mBot Ultimate: 10-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Students


4. Adeept PiCar-Pro Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Car Kit

Adeept PiCar-Pro Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Car Kit

Available in two versions (one with a robotic arm and one with a flashlight piece), this versatile robot car kit enables you to create some pretty ingenious contraptions, provided that you have the craft and ingenuity.

As all kits usually do, this one also boasts multiple functions like object motion following, tracking, real-time transmission video, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, and much more.The sheer versatility makes it great for any skill level, from beginners to seasoned robotics experts, which is why the kit enjoys such huge popularity at the moment.

Compared to similar robot kits, the overall structure is very easy to assemble. Not just that, the added camera, the robotic arm, and the powerful light certainly add to the endless possibilities.

Also interesting is the fact that it comes with a very accurate ultrasonic sensor, which isn’t something many robot car kits usually incorporate. This sensor allows the assembled unit to navigate any environment by carefully avoiding obstacles in its path.

5. Makeblock mBot Ranger Kit

mBot Ranger; a 3-in-1 robotics kit

mBot Ranger is a Robot Tank, a Self-balancing Robot, also a racing car in one set. Kids can use coding skills to control Ranger via the app. They can also play with their friends or pets, holding an exciting game between them, Ranger could perform well! While playing with Ranger, your kids can understand Scratch & Arduino C to program, then they can find more ways to play with Ranger!

mBot Ranger for building robot from scratch

Makeblock mBot Ranger: 3-in-1 Robotics Kit for Building Robots from Scratch


6. Trossen Robotic’s RobotGeek Snapper Core Arduino Robot Arm

Trossen Robotic’s RobotGeek Snapper Core Arduino Robot Arm

RobotGeek Snapper Core Robot Arm is a good kit for those who are looking to get started with either Arduino or robot-building. The Snapper has modular RobotGeek parts, components, and sensors. As such, getting extra parts for replacement or for experimentation is not difficult at all. If you need to go shopping for extra RobotGeek parts, you can always check out their marketplace on the Trossen Robotics website here. Additionally, the fact that the system is built around Arduino makes the kit’s customizability even more robust. There’s an endless amount of modifications and upgrades you can do to this relatively simple robot kit.

7. Makeblock mBot Mega Kit

mBot Mega; remote control robot

Makeblock mBot Mega is an advanced 2-in-1 robot kit and electronic kit. It is equipped with mecanum omnidirectional wheels and is based on the powerful Mega AT2560. This allows you to connect to more than 10 servos, 4 stepper motors, and 8 DC motors. mBot Mega is equipped with 7 sensors, 4WD mecanum wheels, and 1 Bluetooth module. It is ideal for Arduino beginners and pros for learning electronics, robotics, and programming languages.

Projects mBot mega

Makeblock mBot Mega: Smart Remote Control Robot Car for Kids to Learn through Play


8. Lynxmotion Phoenix 3DOF Hexapod

Lynxmotion Phoenix 3DOF Hexapod

Hexapod Spider robot kits are quite common for Arduino-based robots, but the unique thing about Lynxmotion’s model is its articulate limb and body designs. Additionally, with this DOF (Degree of Freedom) capabilities, it has the ability to move in any way you would want it to. This kit in particular, already comes with the hardware, servos, and the wiring you need to get started. The servos included are Hitec 645MG servos. The material used to create this robot kit’s servo erector set brackets is high-durability, quality aluminum. That makes it extremely tough but also lightweight.

You could opt to get the version with no electronics for a more affordable rate. That version includes the mechanics of the robot and the servos, but does not have any controllers (micro-controller nor the servo controller). If you have the corresponding controllers built into past robotic kit projects, you might want to avail of this version of the product.

This combo kit will come packaged with BotBoarduino. Additionally, the Phoenix program included in the robotics kit allows the robot to have variable speed control, omnidirectional walking range, turn-in-place functionality, and any combination of these abilities.

If you’re worried about programming, you can rest easy known that the programming is already done when you get the kit. You can just set it up and use a PS2 remote control, a TTL serial control, or a Xbee radio controller to move the bot around.

9. SunFounder Smart Video Car Kit V2.0 PiCar-V Robot Kit

SunFounder Smart Video Car Kit V2.0 PiCar-V Robot Kit

The kit also features a wide-angle USB webcam that allows for real-time image/video transmission. This should allow users to come up with some pretty unique robots.

As all quality kits should, this robot construction kit comes with remote control and a UI that can be accessed either through a mobile device or through a PC.

Although marketed to young people, this makes a perfect kit for adults on account of the multiple comprehensive tutorials it comes with and the learning materials it features.

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