Makeblock Teams Up with The Douglas Stewart Company the Largest Education-Focused Distributor in North America

The world-leading STEM education solution provider, Makeblock, today announced partnership with The Douglas Stewart Company (DSC), the largest education-focused distributor in North America on distributing its STEM coding robot. DSC is one of Makeblock’s primary distributors in the region and together they will bring Makeblock’s captivated and hands-on STEM solutions to North American schools and families to learn coding and robotics through a number of DSC’s 4,500 education-focused value-added resellers and collegiate retailers.

Makeblock has the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry: Maker’s PlatformSTEM Robotics KitsAI/IoT featured Programming SoftwareEducation Community and Global Robotic Competition. It has reached over 20,000 schools in 140 countries and developed a reputation among its 6 million users.

The STEM Robotics represented by DSC are internationally recognized and designed for K-12 STEM curricula. They are affordable, durable and sustainable, offering engaging and entertaining creative projects for teachers and attractive hands-on experience for students.

Meet the Makeblock Products at DSC:
mBot – Entry-level Robotics Series (K5-12)
Codey Rocky – AI Smart Robot (K3-8)
Neuron – Programmable Electronic Building Blocks (K1-6)
Airblock – Modular Programmable Drone (K3-9)

To date, Makeblock has won 9 international titles such as American 2018 Family Choice Awards, American Gold Edison Awards, American IDEA Gold Award, CES Innovation Awards, German IF Design Award, German Red Dot Product Design Award, Finland Kokoa Education Standard Certification, Korean K-Design Gold Award and Japanese Good Design Award.

Chuck Hulan, CEO at The Douglas Stewart Company, states that, “We are excited about the opportunity to bring Makeblock’s world-leading STEM solutions to our education communities. These products fit seamlessly into over half of the US and Canadian-based schools currently undertaking dedicated maker initiatives. It’s a comprehensive option for those schools looking to further develop their STEM curricula and provides integrate content solutions along with resources and support for educators.”

“Makeblock makes people’s ideas possible by providing 500+ mechanical parts, smart coding robot, powerful software and an international robotics competition. We are happy to partner with the Douglas Stewart Company to unleash people’s creativity and have children in North America enjoy the fun of making things,” says Jasen Wang, Founder & CEO of Makeblock.

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About The Douglas Stewart Company
The Douglas Stewart Company was established in 1950 and has grown to be a leading distributor and business service provider. It specializes in servicing over 4,500 education-focused value-added resellers and collegiate retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Its service-driven approach utilizes specialized teams to assist in the development of brand and reseller partners within the education market. The Douglas Stewart Company serves as the largest education-focused distributor in North America offering comprehensive coverage of K-12 and higher-education reseller networks. To learn more please visit


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