Makeblock Builds Engaging Kit for Learning Apple’s Swift Programming Language with Neuron


Neuron Explorer Kit Now Available at and an Apple Store Near You

Makeblock designed an immersive 4-section learning program, known as the Neuron Playgrounds, to make Swift coding easy and fun with the Neuron Explorer. Students will learn how the concepts of coding and engineering unfold in the physical world through hands-on projects with the Neuron Explorer Kit.  The Neuron Explorer Kit is exclusively designed for and available for purchase at and select Apple stores around the world and features four supplementary cases for users to build creations from precise laser cut cardboard. Bring the creations to life with the 12 programmable Neuron blocks and Swift coding. Included creations are the Explorer car, Piano, Ukulele and a LED Sword.   Created by the Makeblock team of engineers, more than 30 lessons are available now in Apples Swift Playgrounds for the iPad that combine physical building techniques with digital learning through Neurons flow based programing.


Once the Neuron Explorer is connected to Swift Playgrounds through Bluetooth, users will have access to engaging on-screen experiences. If you were to code a movement for the Explorer, its motors will roar on your iPad screen as well as in real life once you run the program. It not only gives you an unlimited coding experience, but also serves as a visual expression of what the Swift code should be doing and how to control Neuron with your own code.


“Since day one Makeblock has been dedicated to helping people turn their ideas into reality and letting creation be a way of life. At Makeblock we believe our future is driven not only by technology but also through creativity”, explained Jasen Wang, Founder and CEO of Makeblock. “Makeblock Neuron is designed to unleash students’ creative potential and teach them how to use technology to solve problems. As a result, Swift Playgrounds is an ideal place for Makeblock to inspire creativity and at the same time encourage more students to become problem solvers.”


To date, Makeblock Neuron has received 8 international awards/certifications such as the

Edison Gold Award, IDEA Gold Award, 2018 CES Design Award, Finland Kokoa Education Standard

Certification, German iF Product Design Award, German Red Dot Award, Japan’s Good Design

Award and Korea’s K-Design Award.


Now set out your creative journey with the Neuron Explorer Kit by downloading Swift Playgrounds at Apple App Store. Your Neuron Playgrounds subscription is available here. Or download Neuron App to experience IoT on Makeblock’s own flow-based coding platform.


About Apple Swift Playgrounds

Swift is a robust and intuitive programming language created by Apple for building apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary app for iPad that makes learning Swift interactive and fun. It requires no coding knowledge, so it’s perfect for students just starting out.