5 Creative Easter Decoration ideas with xLight Series
Easter, as an important festival in the West, has always been a unique and mysterious holiday. It's associated with spring and regeneration, with rabbits, flowers, and eggs as symbols of Easter, and has won the hearts of children. To make this Easter more colorful and creative, we'd like to share 5 ideas for making Easter DIY with Makeblock xLight STEM toys and xTool laser machines in this blog. Hope you can have fun with people you love this upcoming Easter!
1. Easter Rainbow Light 
Easter is a festival full of colors. xLight RGB LED Light stripe and luminous acrylic message board with bunny elements built this Easter rainbow light. You can customize your favorite pattern and print it by laser machine on the Acrylic Light Board that comes with xLight. (Products:  xLight N1/ xLight U1, xTool D1
Easter Design 01
Easter Design 02
Easter Design 03
Design Drawing File Download: Easter Design 01Easter Design 02/ Easter Design 03
2. Easter Bunny Night Light
If you like DIY night lights, then this idea must be perfect for you. With xTool Laser machines, you can cut out any pattern you like on the Acrylic light board, whether it's a bunny, an Easter egg, or a candy. After it's done, place it on the wooden base, and your exclusive night light is ready. (Products: xLight N1/U1, xTool Laserbox
Easter Design 04
Design Drawing: Easter Design 04
3. Easter Wreaths
How can Easter be without a wreath? It's simple to make and the materials are available everywhere. To make your Easter wreath even more unique, why not wrap it around with some fairy lights. After dark, the wreath will be even more radiant. (Products: xLight U1
4.Easter Drawing Exhibition

Beauty is found everywhere. Our eyes do not show a lack of sense of beauty,but a lack of observation. In that case, why don't you hold your own art exhibition for your kids? This is the perfect time for them to express themselves, while also for parents to have a positive conversation with them. (Products: xLight N1/U1
5.Easter Magic Box
Children are always amazed at the magic of the magician conjuring the rabbit in the top hat. This Easter, we can make their dream come true. There are 3 magical light effects that allow kids to create magic with their own hands, imagining and echoing reality. The combination of laser printing and RGB light strips makes the Easter Bunny no longer monotonous. (Products: xLight S1/U1, xTool Laserbox, xTool D1
Above are some Easter DIY ideas for you. Spend less time playing with your phone and more fun crafting time, so this holiday will be no longer boring.

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