Visual Coding: A Fun, Kid-Friendly Programming Process

A large body of research indicates that visual cues help us better remember and retrieve information. The brain can be considered mainly an image processor. One face or one logo will be far more memorable than a vocabulary that you learned once, a long time ago. Scientists have found that students in classrooms with visual aids were able to understand and remember the lecture better than with just word outlines. The study concluded that the “Participants given illustrative diagrams likely engaged in deeper levels of processing while listening to the lecture.”


Various types of visuals can be effective learning tools: photos, illustrations, icons, symbols, sketches, figures, concept maps, and so on. The right visual can help students learn abstract and difficult concepts, and those memories are more long lasting. For parents who want to prepare their kids for future opportunities, STEAM skills are essential. Children learn better using visuals, and mBlock is a software program that uses visuals to teach a programing language. Let kids work with video game codes or programmable robots, so that kids can have fun and learn coding while playing.

mBlock makes learning a programming language fun and effective. Kids at different ages can try different forms of coding study, from building blocks to learning advanced language like Python and Java Script. Instead of having children type out all the codes, mBlock contains blocks of code that can be dragged and dropped into the script. Kids can focus on what they need to from the start—logic and creative thinking—and they can see the result of their coding instantly.

Not only does mBlock allow children to create games, animations, and art, but kids can also learn to program their own robots. With this software, kids can express their creativity through coding. With AI capabilities, LED indicators, and movable parts, the possibilities are endless as to what your child can create. These features can help beginners of all ages accurately retrieve the content associated with the visual result. The effective use of visuals can decrease learning time, improve understanding, and make learning coding a pleasure!

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