Why Kids Should Start STEM Education At an Early Age

STEM education

STEM education, which is a term initiated by the National Science Foundation, focuses on one or more of the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math. With technical and scientific skills becoming more important in industry, encouraging kids to learn STEM with kids programming language early is the key for most parents.

There are three crucial pieces of evidence that show why it’s so important to expose children to STEM learning of kids programming languages in their early years.

STEM Education Evidence 1

National Science Foundation Children (NSFC) researchers recently showed that children demonstrate a clear readiness to engage in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning early in life. Many research specialists advocate that, in addition to raising awareness of STEM education in middle schools, educators should encourage kids to get engage with STEM at an early age. Just like kids programming language learning, STEM education should start early to maximize its effectiveness. Also, both parents and teachers should enthusiastically support their kids in learning STEM.

STEM Education Evidence 2

Children need STEM immersion as early as possible to gain rapid STEM fluency. Many people think that learning should always happen in a classroom. However, recent research shows that, just as people should immerse in a certain language environment to get fluent. Children should also have enough opportunities to fluent in STEM learning.

Therefore, parents, as their kids’ long-term influencers, should enhance their children’s informal learning of STEM subjects outside their schools. Just like taking them to museums and other STEM-related activities.

STEM Education Evidence 3

Parent and teacher attitudes are incredibly influential for children’s STEM outcomes. Almost one-third of parents don’t feel confident enough to support kids’ STEM learning, since they aren’t familiar with those subjects. But their attitudes about STEM has a truly profound effect on their kids’ success.

The good news is that supporting children’s STEM learning doesn’t mean parents must be experts. It is because there are all kinds of resources and materials available for kids who are starting their STEM learning.

STEM education

mBlock is the perfect educational software for STEM education of kids programming language. Here are the merits of this kids programming language software, which is specifically for STEM learning of kids programming language.

  1. mBlock is based on Scratch 3.0, which is a programming software tool designed by MIT and is one of the most popular kids programming languages.
  2. mBlock can connect with different hardware systems, like Codey Rocky, allowing children to turn their codes into real lighting and sound effects to make programming visible in the physical world.
  3. It also has the power to expose children to AI technology. Which is one of the most important industries in the 21st Children can easily understand the basic knowledge of AI through games and applications.

Currently, only 26% of STEM jobs are held by women. So it is important to make sure that girls have the same opportunities to learn these subjects as boys. Please remember: it is never too early to introduce kids programming language to your children.

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