Makeblock Showcased Cutting-edge Technology at 2019 Shanghai International STEAM Education Expo

Dec 12, Makeblock brought its all-age STEAM products and education solution to 2019 Shanghai International STEAM education Expo. Makeblock CEO & founder Jasen Wang was invited to give a speech on today’s education and discuss the potential direction where education moves with educational experts and practitioners.

Shanghai International STEAM Educational Fair 2019 is the first and only STEAM fair in China and worldwide. It is fully dedicated to the STEAM concept and products; presenting its most advanced and leading-edge products to the public. Makeblock, as the leading STEAM education solution provider in China, not only demonstrated the educational robot products – from entry-level robot mTiny, Codey Rocky, to professional maker’s favorite mCreate and laserbox – but also introduced the brand concept and its vision of education.

“The education we have now is trying to use the method in the 19th century to teach the kids born in the 20th century, to embrace the challenges in the 21st century,” Jasen said. He raised commonly existed issues in education and shared his observation. “STEAM education emphasizes practice, trans-curriculum model to compensate the unbalanced knowledge that departmental teaching brings to the students. It is the direction that our education is moving towards in the future.”

Makeblock has been dedicated to STEAM education for years and developed a complete STEAM learning system to help kids well equipped for the labor market in the future. By bringing enjoyment and competition to coding, Makeblock is fostering the original curiosity and inspiring the creativity of kids, which will fundamentally change the traditional education model and bring STEAM education to the next level.

About Makeblock

Makeblock Co., Ltd, founded in 2013, is a Global STEAM education solution provider. Targeting the STEAM education and entertainment markets for schools, educational institutions and families, Makeblock provides the most complete hardware, software, content solutions, and top-notch robotics competitions, to achieve deep integration of technology and education. To learn more, please follow @Makeblock on Facebook, Twitter, or visit

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