How to Introduce Your Daughter to STEM and Coding

STEM industry in the U.S

According to a 2018 Glassdoor report, some of the highest-paying jobs are in the STEM industry in the U.S. and likely around the world. Nowadays, we see more and more women starting to join this male-dominated industry. Though diversity and equality are said to be valued and promoted in the STEM Education fields, women are faced with many barriers. With these difficulties ahead, it is becoming increasingly essential to help young girls who want to get into the STEM industry learn coding with coding robots for kids.

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Never too early to train your daughter for a promising career in STEM

A study shows early acquisition of knowledge about the world has relationship with later science success. A paper published by the Joan Ganz Conney Center indicates that children tend to gradually lose their interest in STEM subjects as they grow up due to a lack of STEM-related learning resources. Therefore, we are confident in saying that it is never too early to train your daughter for a promising career in STEM.

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How can coding robots for kids help young female?

Coding robots for kids can teach young female STEM students and professionals to speak up and stand up for themselves. Besides, they lay a solid foundation for future success by providing proper learning resources and tools to enhance their learning abilities in STEM.

As a leading STEM education solution provider, we have developed various types of coding robots for kids to help girls develop an interest in programming and hardware development. These coding robots for kids integrate play with learning. So you don’t have to worry that numbers and equations are going to bore them too quickly.

Finally, learning STEAM could help kids find a better job in the future. Based on our research, every job is actually involved with STEAM.

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Coding robots for kids

Furthermore, by using the Makeblock products, young girls can start building a sense of pleasure and confidence in STEM subjects. According to research conducted by Microsoft, more than 75% of girls who participate in hands-on extracurricular STEM activities feel empowered.

Providing more learning resources, such as courses and activities for young girls to study STEM is a must. Besides, building a supportive community with an inclusive and professional environment for girls to engage in is also essential. In this community, they should feel free to reach out for mentorship  with plenty of quality content and tools. Their passion for the STEM industry is going to be valuable in this community.

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Coding robots for kids: Makeblock

Nowadays, opportunities in the STEM industry are growing rapidly.  And there is a new trend coming out: STEM to STEAM.

we have the challenge of making it harder for girls to thrive in the industry. As a leading STEAM education solution provider, we see it as one of our responsibilities to provide STEAM learning resources. We can turn these subjects into accessible, simple, and fun day-to-day activities for kids around the world. If we can make a difference to girls around the world and bring them fully into advanced technology, we will have achieved something to be proud of.

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