Each child is creative in their own way, however, it takes the right activities and tools to bring it out. Creativity is a way of thinking that helps you view things differently and help you deal with uncertainty. In these pandemic times when children are scared from not understanding what is happening with the world, it is more than recommended to nurture their creativity. It also fosters problem-solving and brings forth innovation and inspiration. There are two kinds of creativity, artistic and technical creativity. The former helps you come up with new ideas to solve problems while the latter is a form of expression and is critical for your mental wellbeing. While the first might naturally come to children, they will certainly need help with the second type of creativity. Lucky for us, we live in an era where we can leverage certain tools to harness this creativity, such as mBot Neo, an upgraded version of the original mBot, or even use Canadian toys to express their storytelling skills.

Here are four other tools that will help you let out your inner artistry:

1. mBot Neo

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a trend that is slowly being adopted in schools worldwide. However, you can adopt it at home, as it is a good approach to enhancing your kids’ creativity and problem-solving skills. As a robot stem kit for kids, mBot Neo helps children between 8 and 12 learn about robot robotic, electronics, programming, construction, and coding in a fun and engaging way. This programmable kid’s robot lets kids exercise their design skills and logical thinking in various STEM activities. For instance, they can program the robot to sense obstacles, follow objects or create a dancing robot through drag-and-drop software and provided tutorials. Your kids will have fun seeing their robot dancing or moving objects and observing the robot follow these objects. The good thing is that the software works with various devices, including Mac, PC, iOS, and Android, making it easily accessible. To make it more fun for your kids, you can let them incorporate building in their robot projects. For instance, if they are programming obstacle detection robots or object follower robots, they can build the objects to use rather than use those available. This can go a long way in enhancing their creativity further. In this case, buying them kit-building toys can help them in this. You can opt for STEM toys to teach them about construction and engineering while bringing their creativity to life.

2. Doodle Buddy

Doodling might just be one of the most enjoyable activities for children. They do it for fun, and at times, they might even want to doodle all over the walls or furniture. To avoid that, you can find virtual places that can substitute the walls, such as Doodle Buddy. This is an app that allows you to text and stamp by enabling you to rotate the size of items on your device using your fingers. This free application also helps you get creative through drawing. Doodle Buddy is compatible with your tablet and android devices hence enabling you easy access. While your children are busy doodling, you will be free to run any errands that you have. You can check on them from your kitchen, and they will be safely sitting in the coach. You can also use this application yourself when listening to a speaker, leader, or professor. How can this tool help you in this instance? You can use it to express yourself through note-taking when the speakers are talking. You can also use doodle to translate words to pictorial meaning, especially if you are a visual learner. The beauty of using this tool is that you get to save whatever you put down in a beautiful representation allowing you to review it later. In other words, this is the ideal fun application for both children and parents.

3. Mindtool

This tool works on technical creativity and helps people realize how innovative they can be. A good example is a Provocation- a tool used by Albert Einstein to come with the theory of relativity. Provocation works by interrupting the linear thinking patterns and helps you find a better solution. Mindtool uses the logic of driving to work where you happen to use the same route daily. However, when you come up with a new route, you discover new ways to disrupt your brain’s thinking pattern, which fosters new ideas. This tool was initially designed for adults. However, it can be easily altered towards children. As it is more complex than the usual applications for youngsters, it would be nice if parents sat together with their little ones and figured this out together. Mindtool also challenges you to develop better communication skills, which is especially helpful for shy and introverted children. Mindtool also challenges one to begin to think and act differently.

4. PaintNite

Nowadays, almost everyone uses smartphones and apps, including kids. So why not explore the app world to express creativity. PaintNite application helps your children channel their inner artist so that they express themselves creatively. This application provides its consumers with a creative social experience where an experienced artist offers step-by-step guidance on creating a painting in two hours. The painting process evokes one’s creativity along with other skills that one can use to perform other duties at school. It is also a good idea for children to meet like-minded friends and get inspired by them. A research study conducted in Germany showed that taking art lessons improved participant’s functional connectivity and psychological wellbeing. This is true because creating art allows you to enhance your self-awareness, minimize homework stress, and stabilizes your neuroanatomy. So, the next time you want to harness your children’s skills, simply take a brush and go to a local bar and paint their troubling thoughts away.

5. Audio interface

This tool services as a mediator by helping connect computers, speakers, headphones, or instruments. Often, the audio interface is used in the music industry to give music better production power. This music-making software also provides you metering benefits, among other critical features. The ability of this tool to connect to multiple devices allows you to record music using any musical instrument on your computer. This advantage enables people to play around with sounds until they come up with something great. Wouldn’t it be fun to incorporate such a sophisticated tool with your little ones? How excited would your children be if they got the chance to get the first-hand experience in music production? Allow them to be creative and express ideas on what sound is better than another and produce a song together as family bonding time. However, not all interfaces will serve your needs. When looking for this tool, you have to establish your connection format, the number of the analog ins and outs, the sound quality you desire, and the price.


Creativity helps children develop some of the most valued and sought-after traits of the 21st century. You can use either of the tools above to bring out the best version of your children. Although not all the tools will spark your creativity, you have to identify what works best for the little ones. If you are not sure what will work best for them, you need to start following tech influencers on social media and read blogs such as Gizmodo, Mashable, and ZDNet to get ideas on how to go about it. While at it, ensure that your kids are having fun in the process.

This article is written by William Clarke, a guest writer at Makeblock. Makeblock owns the full publication right.