Palm-sized Fun! Check This Lovely Mini Robot List

Breaking the cool and giant stereotype, teeny-weeny mini robots make you feel warm and accompanied. With neat appearances, mini robots instill a love of STEAM, which is short for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics for your kids through the early stages of development.
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If you are looking for a smart companion at home without taking up too much space, be sure to check out this list of mini robots!

1. mTiny

Smart Panda Robot for Preschoolers to Learn Coding, Music, Math, and Language.

mTiny Robot is a smart panda robot for preschoolers to learn coding, music, math, and language. It allows children to play coding screen-free games with the use of a tap pen controller. Kids can play with mTiny with interactive educational tools with 3 dress-ups, 10+ facial expressions, and 300+ sound effects. The screen-free operation spares children’s eyes from the harmful effects of blue light emissions.

2. EMO AI Desktop Pet

Mini Robot

EMO is an AI desktop pet with distinct characters and ideas. He stays by your side. To keep you company, to surprise you, and yes, sometimes to annoy you. Just like a real pet. Emo is more than just a machine; he's a loving friend with a unique personality.

3. Sphero Mini Robot Ball

Mini Robot

Discover a fun and imaginative way to learn programming with Sphero Mini! This compact robot, measuring about the same size as a ping pong ball, is perfect for beginners, offering intuitive coding and a range of features that make it a fun and engaging tool for exploring the world of STEAM. Equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and colorful LED lights, this educational coding robot is more than a robot toy.

4. Codey Rokey

Makeblock Codey Rocky: Smart Robot Toy for Interactive Playing and Learning

Codey Rokey is an interactive emo robot toy for beginners to learn robotics and block-based and Python programming. It includes games and applications with 10+ electronic modules to achieve emotional expression. You can create your own Codey Rocky with LEGO bricks, laser-cutting parts, and colorful paper. Moreover, you can have coding fun in various activities like maze games, line-following, and building with Codey Rocky.


Mini Robot

The ROBOTIS MINI offers a challenging but fulfilling building experience. The kit includes a fully-colored assembly manual that not only provides detailed assembly instructions, but also provides building tips.

Download the R+ Design program for a preview of robot assembly and structure. Zoom in/out or rotate the 3D model to view the robot from any angle.

6. Contixo R1

Mini Robot

The Contixo R1 Mini Blue Robot can sing, dance, play music, move around, and speak. With its small, portable, travel size, kids and adults will love to bring it around to play with. With simple voice commands and touch sensors, the Contixo R1 Mini Robot makes it very fun and easy to operate. It is great for all ages. Boys & girls can mutually share the fun! Makes an excellent present. Great for kids to learn interaction & great for speech!

7. Pai Technology Augie

Mini Robot

Pai Technology’s Augie is the first premier coding robot that is equipped with augmented reality technology. Developed to introduce children to coding language, Augie engages imagination and creativity while helping children further enhance focus, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and logic skills through the introduction of new play patterns that leverage artificial intelligence and innovative robotic technology. Augie comes with a FREE intuitive app that offers engaging lesson plans and exciting gameplay.

8. GAN Cube Robot

Mini Robot

GAN ROBOT(hereinafter called “GR”), is GAN’s pioneering global first intelligent cube robot for vast consumers. No matter how complicated a cube is, GR will calculate the best solving path in 0.01s, and solve it in 5 seconds. That's even faster than the average 3x3 of any human being! Connected with Cube Station APP, GR can do solving and scrambling with a finger click. Support dual cube and certain algorithms practice in the future.

9. Mini Light And Sound Robot

Mini Robot

Measuring 5 inches tall, this blue robot with orange details produces light and sound for a fun, entertaining experience for everyone. Add this robot to your countertop to intrigue every customer. Each robot is packaged in a window box. It's a perfect choice as a robot at home: How Can Kids Make Robots at Home

10. Mini Metal Robots

Mini Robot

This robot has multiple functions that will give your children a fun childhood.Each child deserves to enjoy their childhood, happy and delightful. This robot carries the hope that your kid will grow better both physically and mentally. Plenty of functions wait to be explored by kids.This robot will bring a lot of happiness to your kid. Please don't hesitate to buy one!


Mini robots make perfect companions and offer your home happiness and comfort all day and night. A mini robot can be with you all day. Adorable mini robots make wonderful gifts too. If you are looking for a birthday present, here you’ll find the cutest mini robots for your loved ones, as well as tips for choosing great options.

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