26 Best Laser Cutter Projects for Schools

When it comes to laser cutter in schooling, it is not only a powerful tool but opens up many exciting opportunities for students and teachers. The laser cutter is an advanced technology that can transform designs and ideas into real works by laser cutting and engraving materials. Its widespread use in schools makes the teaching mode more interesting and engaging, providing students with a unique learning experience to stimulate their creativity and practical abilities. Teachers can use laser cutters to create scientific models and artworks with students, integrating theory and practice to deepen their understanding of knowledge and improve their sense of cooperation and participation.

Overall, laser cutters in schools offer new perspectives and opportunities, adding fun and inspiration to students' learning journeys. Here are the 26 Best Laser Cutter Projects for Schools. Just check them out!

1. Wooden Educational Alphabet Puzzle

Early childhood education alphabet puzzle

This laser-cutting wooden alphabet puzzle is a great educational toy for kids who are just learning their ABCs. The laser-cut wooden pieces are designed to fit together perfectly, creating a sturdy and durable puzzle that kids will love playing with. With its fun and colorful design, it is undoubtedly an indispensable teaching aid in kindergarten.

2. Flashcards

Interactive flashcards for young children.

Laser-cutting machines can be used to create customized and visually appealing flashcards. Teachers can design flashcards with words, images, or phrases relevant to language learning. The laser-cut flashcards can be easily organized and used in various language activities, such as vocabulary drills, sentence formation, or grammar exercises.

3. Decorative Wooden Pen Holder

Children's handmade pencil box

Experience the magic of this butterfly-shaped pen holder, expertly crafted using laser cutting technology and available in a range of delightful finishes. Teachers can inspire students to use their imagination and creativity by designing and making their own unique pen holders. Laser cutters have the power to transform children's imagination into reality, creating a dynamic and enjoyable classroom experience that enhances their sense of accomplishment.

4. Acrylic Name Puzzle Tool

Acrylic color name puzzle with laser cutting

Utilizing laser cutting technology, personalized acrylic name puzzle tools can be created. Students can assemble their own names, strengthening their letter recognition and spelling skills. These acrylic puzzle tools are reusable, durable, and can be customized with different colors and fonts, adding an element of fun. Compared to traditional paper puzzles, acrylic name puzzle tools are more engaging and long-lasting.

5. Customized Nameplates

personalized nameplates for classroom

Students can design and cut personalized nameplates using laser cutters. They can choose from a variety of fonts, sizes, and shapes, and even add decorative elements like stars, hearts, or their favorite symbols. These nameplates can be used to personalize desks or classroom doors with style and elegance.

6. Wooden Jenga Blocks

Children's educational toys; Jenga blocks

These blocks are meticulously crafted from top-quality wood with laser-cut precision, guaranteeing a perfect fit and precise dimensions for constructing towering structures. As players carefully remove and stack the blocks, they develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking. With the option for personalized engravings and exceptional durability, these blocks make an excellent addition to your educational toolkit.

7. Polyhedral Dice

Polyhedral dice for teaching mathematics

Each side of the dice is carefully crafted using a laser cutter, providing an immersive game of chance where players can roll and strategize based on different outcomes. This not only adds excitement to tabletop adventures but also becomes a valuable tool for educators teaching probability theory, allowing students to conduct experiments, analyze data, and gain a deeper understanding of concepts such as independent events and permutations.

8. Fraction Manipulatives

Wooden fraction learning aids for students

Laser-cutting machines can be used to create precise fraction manipulatives, including fraction bars, fraction circles, and more. These manipulatives help students visualize the concept of fractions, perform fraction comparisons, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and deepen their understanding of fractions.

9. Tangrams

Tangrams that increase children’s awareness of space layout

Laser-cutting machines can precisely cut tangram pieces from different materials. Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzles made up of geometric shapes that can be rearranged to create various figures. They help develop spatial reasoning, problem-solving abilities, and an understanding of geometric transformations.

10. Decorative Aluminum Bookends

Storage bookends decorated with planting shapes

This bookend is meticulously crafted from high-quality aluminum using the precision of laser cutting technology. Featuring a stunning tree motif intricately carved into the metal, this bookend showcases the artistry and versatility of laser cutting. Let's take the children to design a bookend of their own in art class. The laser cutter will allow children to realize their unlimited imagination.

11. Wooden Ball Maze

Wooden ball maze made with laser cutter

Laser-cutting technology is used in schools to create wooden ball mazes, bringing innovation and fun to students. These ball mazes require players to manipulate small balls by tilting and rotating the maze, challenging their spatial cognition and hand-eye coordination. The precision of laser cutting technology allows the wooden ball maze to feature smooth passages, detailed obstacles, and an engaging design.

12. 3D Wooden World Map Art

A world map that can be hung in the classroom

Crafted from premium plywood and intricately laser-cut and engraved, this wooden world map wall art exudes precision and meticulous detail. Complete with additional features such as push pins, flags, LED lights, and more, it offers a comprehensive and immersive experience. Geography teachers can take it a step further by incorporating the map into an engaging "Nautical Adventurer" role-playing game, allowing students to dive deep into geographical knowledge.

13. Aluminum Bookmarks

Aluminum bookmarks that make your reading records clearer

These aluminum bookmarks are crafted using a laser cutter, making them both visually attractive and useful tools for students. Whether used to mark pages in textbooks or as prompts for critical thinking, these bookmarks are designed to enhance the learning experience. Incorporating laser-cut technology, these bookmarks showcase the seamless blend of creativity and precision, making them an ideal resource for educators seeking innovative ways to engage students in the classroom.

14. Topographic Model

3D topographic Model made with laser cutter

Laser-cutting technology is used in schools to produce terrain models, which can present realistic landform features through the precise cutting of different materials. These models provide visual and tactile engagement to help students better understand geographic concepts such as the formation of mountains, rivers, and valleys. The precision of laser cutting brings new possibilities to geography education, inspiring students to explore the earth.

15. Ecosystem Model

Wooden forest ecosystem image

Using laser cutters, students can precisely cut various materials, such as wood, plastic, or cardboard, to create the individual components of an ecosystem model. Through meticulous cutting and assembling, students can represent elements of forests, lakes, rivers, flora and fauna, and other biological diversity. By interacting with ecosystem models, students are able to delve into relevant topics in ecology such as food chains, energy flows, and environmental impacts.

16. Soilless Cultivation Planting Shelf

Homemade plant shelves

Students can use laser cutting machines to precisely cut materials and construct unique shelves for soilless cultivation. These shelves enable plants to grow vertically or horizontally without soil, relying on nutrient solutions instead. Laser cutting creates durable shelves at multiple levels, maximizing space for efficient cultivation. This technology offers students hands-on experience exploring sustainable cultivation methods in schools.

17. Wooden Building Blocks

Baby pet building blocks

These laser-cut natural wooden building blocks are a timeless and beloved toy that captivates children of all ages. With their simple yet elegant design, these blocks inspire creativity and construction. As children design and build structures with these blocks, they develop a solid foundation in spatial awareness, geometry, physics, and engineering principles.

18. 3D Aluminum Car Model

An aluminum car model decorating your room

Harnessing the convenience of laser cutting technology, students can create a stunning and durable 3D aluminum car model. This meticulously crafted model showcases exquisite exterior details, capturing the essence of automotive design. Students can assemble the model with precision-cut aluminum panels, gaining hands-on experience and developing their fine motor skills. The seamless cutting process facilitated by laser cutting technology allows for intricate designs and precise fits, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the car model.

19. 3D Wooden Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzle

Wooden dinosaur puzzle toy

This laser-cutting 3D wooden dinosaur skeleton puzzle is a fantastic addition to any collection of laser-cutting toys. Designed to challenge both kids and adults, this puzzle features an intricate design and 3D construction. The laser-cut wooden pieces are crafted to fit together flawlessly, resulting in a sturdy and lifelike dinosaur skeleton that can be proudly showcased. When explaining the Dinosaur Encyclopedia to your children in class, this model, created with laser cutters, has the power to bring imaginary scenes to life in their minds.

20. 3d Wooden Music Box

Robot music box; children's music box gift

This remarkable laser-cut creation may deceive as a construction robot, but it conceals a stunning secret – it's a high-quality music box adorned with intricate details. Empower your students to embark on their own design journey, where they will not only learn to install electronic music organs but also unleash their splicing creativity. Watch as the children proudly display their design talents and showcase their innate sense of trendy aesthetics through this captivating project.

21. Acrylic Horse Model

Transparent mechanical horse model

With the aid of laser cutting technology, students can create small and exquisite acrylic horse models that are sure to impress. The transparency of the acrylic material lends a crystal-like quality to this animal model, while also providing the flexibility to craft any desired design. Engaging in this practical experience, students can nurture their spatial imagination and enhance their hands-on skills within the classroom.

22. Wooden Chess Board Game

Black and white wooden chess set

Laser cutters have also revolutionized the creation of chess boards, enhancing the appeal of this beloved strategy game. With precision and ease, chessboard squares, pieces, and even the board itself can be intricately crafted using different wood species. The result is a visually stunning and functional chess set that showcases the artistry of laser cutting, elevating the experience of playing this classic game.

23. Clicky Toggle Switch

Small and exquisite mechanical switch

Crafted solely from laser-cut plywood, this switch offers a simple assembly method, allowing students to quickly gain mechanical manufacturing knowledge. Its versatility enables students to install the switch on various items, fostering creativity and hands-on skills.

24. Conductive circuit boards

Wooden circuit diagram drawn with a laser cutter

Laser-cutting machines can cut conductive materials, such as copper plates or conductive films, to make conductive circuit boards. Students can design and cut their own circuit boards, learn the basic principles of electronic circuits, and connect and experiment with electronic components.

25. Fairy Tale Wood Relief Sculpture

3D fairy tale image with fairies and butterflies

This fairytale wood relief is an intricate relief piece created by constructing multiple layers of laser-cut stained plywood, combining the beauty of craftsmanship, illustration, and sculpture. These works are essentially drawings brought from paper to the real world as a permanent form of storytelling. Don't underestimate children's imagination! If you introduce laser cutters in the classroom, you will see that 100 children can make 100 different fairy wood reliefs.

26. Historical Timeline Displays

Intricate historical timeline made by the laser cut

Laser cutters enable students to create intricate historical timeline displays with precise cutouts of important events, dates, and images, enhancing their understanding of chronology and historical context. The precision and intricacy of the laser-cut highlights allow for the creation of intricate cutouts that represent significant events, dates, and images from history.

Don't let those jaw-dropping laser cutter projects make you green with envy! It's time to jump on the bandwagon and turn your classroom into a creativity extravaganza! With these two hip and happening laser cutters, you'll bring a whole new level of awesomeness to your teaching style.

xTool P2 Educational Bundle

laser cutter xTool P2 to make your classes more effective.

The xTool P2 Laser Cutter and Cutting Machine by Makeblock is a versatile and smart desktop laser cutter designed for educational environments. With its 55W laser tube, it offers impressive cutting power and safety features, making it ideal for schools and teachers. This machine enables educators and students to create intricate designs, prototypes, and educational materials with ease. Its versatility allows for engraving on a wide range of materials, expanding creative possibilities in the classroom. The xTool P2 comes with free software options like XCS and Lightburn, eliminating the need for additional costs and simplifying the process of designing and executing laser-cutting projects.

By integrating the xTool P2 into their curriculum, schools can foster hands-on learning, creativity, and innovation among students. This powerful tool empowers teachers to enhance their lessons with practical applications, preparing students for future technological advancements.

xTool P2 in educational settings

xTool P2 55W Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter for Schools


xTool F1 Educational Bundle

laser cutter more safe and faster.

In addition, another game-changer for your teaching career is xTool F1! Say goodbye to slow traditional laser cutters because this powerhouse is over 10 times faster. As to safety, the xTool F1 has also taken it to a whole new level, letting you unleash your inner efficiency guru without any worries. xTool F1 can also support cutting a variety of materials, allowing you to lead students to explore more areas of art creation. Buckle up! Grab your xTool F1 and get ready to embark on an exciting teaching adventure that'll make your classroom the liveliest and most interesting place to be!

Hoping your needs for laser cutters have been met in the above cases. If you're eager to explore more related cases, check out this informative article:Best-selling Laser Cutter Projects and Engraving Ideas in 2023

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xTool F1 Fastest Portable Diode Laser Engraver for School


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